As I walk down the lonely streets
accompanied by the chatters
of lively people returning back to their warm home,
the light was making me think back on my life-
the one that filled with regrets and sorrow-
maybe those weren't the words to describe it...
I know it was irreversible,
but why do I have to be reminded of
the failed attempts of love, and the route to hurt?

There were broken hearts in the pathway of memories
but there were also happy moments that
this one special person brought to me;
she was the one for me (probably)-
the one who took lonely away
and the one who told me to live happily;
without her by my side, I'm just nothing
like a pen without ink; so useless.
She's always where I found unexpected and strange,
but surprises brighten my day...
and at night, she's never here; never.

But at least the smiles she had brought to my morning
was enough to last the entire night
that was supposed to be always, always lonely.
Maybe heavens knew about my failure in love,
and he pitied with me and decided
to at least patch up the wounds of past.

What's past is past-
the present is right now, and you're the one here now;
the one who took away pain and replaced laughter.
Without you to walk the streets with me,
I'm still reminded of your sincere laughter
that never failed to echo through my blank mind
every time I couldn't smile to the empty darkness
or the blinding light that would cause loneliness.
Even if I can't be with you all the time,
I can keep the memories' pictures
and your pretty smile all in my heart.

It creates a sensation that makes my heart beat faster
every time you smile because...
You know that I love you,
how can you not know?
When I've sacrificed so much,
and done so much for-
Maybe you're too blind to the things I've done,
or you just pretended not to know.
I've dropped hints along the way,
you didn't even bother to look at them-
all on the grounds of past and perhaps present.
How can you not know that
your smile is the only cure to my lonely day;
that you're the sunshine to my day
and the moonlight to my dark nights.
Your crescent curve along your lips
brought a smile up my face and sometimes a blush.

I'm not the unreasonable sort
to be proclaiming I love you for no reasons-
I say it because I really do love you,
with all my heart, I do.
If you find it untrue,
I could prove it with all my life just to love you.
And that I found no reason
to just not love someone who made me smile and open up.