I can see the question burning in your eyes, what is this story I've stumbled upon?

What you have before you is something quite unique. To start with it's a supernatural, action, crime, thriller. A murder mystery with a twist.

Then again, what murder mystery doesn't have some sort of twist? And supernatural is hardly that unique these days.

But beyond that, this is our story. A work that has been painstakingly written and edited by three individuals. Fate, who wrote the original story, Too Long, which has served as the basis of this tale. Lamp, whose account this is being published through. And myself, Flying.

Lamp and I are to blame for most of the writing you'll see published here.

The other thing you should know is that the majority of the characters in these stories are real people. Wonderful, unique, smart, and kind. And they too have helped shaped the plot, both through direct suggestions, and through their wonderful personalities that we've tried to let dictate the actions of their fictional selves.

It is to these people that we dedicate this story. To our internetters, we love you, and miss you. Many of you are, or have been like family. All of you have supported us through everything life as thrown at us. You are truly amazing.

And to Fate's RL's, Kalene and Jess, as well as those who'll be joining us later. I may not know you, but you seem like fantastic people. It was lovely to read about you in Fate's story, thank you for letting us manipulate your characters again in here.

Just a quick note, before you go on. For those impatient souls, we have actually already published this story, but at the moment, we are doing a rather thorough rewrite and republishing it here. If you want to read ahead (though be warned, some plot elements may change), or are simply curious, you can find the old version below. Although it's not quite finished either, it is much more advanced than this one at the moment.

Too Long - .com/s/2736158/1/Too_Long

Fate - .com/u/686977/Fate_Rose

Flying - .com/u/702569/o0_flying_high_0o

Original Too Long, Too Dangerous - .com/s/2824650/1/Too_Long_Too_Dangerous

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