She glanced around the small coffee shop, her crimson eyes absorbing the sights around her. She watched as a mom fed her toddler a cinnamon bun. The toddler grinned as her chubby fingers stuck together from the sticky bun.

The woman's pale face pulled into a frown as she watched the duo. She never did like little children; they were too clingy and dirty.

The woman glanced down at her watch. She couldn't believe he was late, again. She had been waiting for twenty minutes already.

The bell above the shop's door rang as another customer walked in. The woman glanced up and grimaced. He was finally here.

She observed as the lean man walked over to the shop counter. He had dark earth-like skin and hazelnut eyes. His hair was cut military style and he wore a tan suit with a blood-red tie.

The woman tugged down on her short black dress subconsciously as the man walked toward her with a cup of coffee.

He sat across from her, his features neutral from any emotion. She leaned forward, her ruby orbs outraged that this man seemed so tranquil.

"You are late," she growled knowing that her sentence sounded off to the youth's ear; she hated to use slang. "So it seems," the man replied meeting her gaze.

She scowled. "Is that all you have to say for yourself? You cost us valuable time." "I don't see how," he retorted as he leaned back. "You could've left and gone on with the mission yourself." 'You know that is not true." "How so?"

His hazelnut eyes mocked the woman, pinned her in place. Her scowl deepened and she sighed in defeat. "You are of the utmost importance to this mission. I cannot have you doubting that now."

The man smirked. "Who said I was in doubt?"

Despite their predicament, the woman couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Is the spy in place?" He nodded. "Everything is set and ready to go."

The woman smiled a wolfish grin. "Then all we have to do is sit back and wait for the right moment to spring. Her fourteenth birthday will be a day to remember…"

*^^*^^*^^*PAGE BREAK*^^*^^*^^*

Asima watched as her ten-year-old daughter played with her old wedding dress. Asima couldn't help but wonder if Scarlet would live long enough to have her own wedding.

"You sent for me?" asked a gruff male voice from the doorway of Asima's bedroom.

The mother turned, her champagne eyes filled with rage. She ignored the man's questioned and instead walked over to wooden door. Asima placed a trembling hand over the polished golden knob.

"Care to explain what these demons were doing with my daughter?" She asked, enraged as she threw up the door.

The man's jaw dropped as he caught sight of the two monsters crouched in the closet, one female and one male. The female had kinked honey hair and blood-red eyes. Her skin was a sick, pale white, making her seem almost translucent. She smelled of ashes and gunpowder. The male had shaved russet hair, acorn eyes and dark skin. He was a slender man, smelling oddly of grain and blood.

The female met the man's almond orbs. She smiled a revolting, thin smile. "We tried, master. We tried."

The man's panicked eyes met the mother's fierce ones. "How could you?" the mother asked, her voice cracking at the end. "I-I'm-Asima—" "Don't Damek," she growled. "Don't even try it."

Asima slammed the closet door, picked up her daughter and walked out of the room.

Damek sighed. His wife never was one for reasoning. He walked over to the closet and opened it.

"You failed me." Damek said his tone emotionless.

The male spoke up this time. "We will have to try something else." "What if there is no next time, Blake?" Damek hissed. "My wife might kick me out."

"When has that ever stopped us?" The female asked. "We can kill the girl, just give us more time." "I already have, Senka." Damek sighed. Senka frowned.

"I will give you one more chance, on her fourteenth birthday," Senka smiled while Blake grimaced. "If she is not dead by midnight, I will end you."

Damek left the threat hanging in the air as he walked out of the room.

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