Hello, and welcome!

This is my newest work of fan fiction. I do hope you enjoy it! It isn't the tale of one woman, but of many. It's also set in four parts and in four different periods of history. This is a mini-intro, if you like.

The first part is set in 1918 - revolutionary Russia. Torn apart by Civil War, all is chaotic. Cooped up inside a large house in Siberia, four sisters live, eat, sleep and dream. Their clothing is pierced with jewels if they manage to escape, and their spirits are hopeful. Yet they cannot help but face the truth; they are outlaws, invalids, unwanted citizens living among guards who wish them dead.. Once, they lives in a palace, dressed in silks, with titles of Grand Duchesses - the highest type of Princess. Now, they live imprisoned, dressed in scratchy woollens, nobodies in a country ripped apart and terrorized with hate. Olga - age twenty-two, strained and depressed. Tatiana - age twenty-one, stressed and confused. Maria - age nineteen, childish and hopeful. Anastasia - age seventeen, clever enough to know exactly what is going on, and sharp enough to consider all that could happen to them.

The second part is set in 1553. After the death of King Edward VI, Henry VIII's only son, two women face the crown. Mary, in her late thirties, a devout Catholic. Elizabeth, young and clever. But then there is Jane. A Grey girl pushed into the conflicts of politics and meddling men who use her for their own gain. Following her are her two sisters - beautiful Catherine and disabled Mary. These three siblings are dragged into months of lies, secrets and selfish decisions. If they speak against the words of their father and his men, they face the whip. Unable to trust anyone except themselves, Jane, Catherine and Mary must face coming adulthood on their own. Hanging onto their heads seems the hardest part in the notorious Court, but that may only be the starting hurdle.

The third part is of Henrietta Maria. A French princess, she is sent to marry King Charles I. He is handsome, ambitious and likes to get his own way. But their relationship is far from romantic. Henrietta just cannot settle in his English Court and handle his strange ways. She dreamt endlessly of glittering jewels, voluptuous gowns, a loving and handsome husband - yet she lives sheltered away from the limelight, wearing nun's black and grey, jewel less and miles away from the man she is supposed to be bound in wedlock to, yet still remains parted from his company and his bed. Deprived from devotion and love, she must seek out the way to unlock the polite and shy King's heart, and captivate Court - for she does not want to be just the beautiful French Princess, but the Tantalizing English Queen, no matter what she comes across, who she loves, who she loathes, and what the risks.

The final fourth part is told from the view of the mysterious Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford. A descendant from the seductive water goddess Melusina, she had the gift of a Second Sight, and when she meets the patriotic Joan of Arc, Jacquetta learns the danger surrounding the few women who dare to dream. Married to the Duke of Bedford, she uses her new luxurious status to weave herself into a cocoon of alchemy and magic. In the Duke's death, where she is left a wise, wealthy widow, she finds irresistibly true love with Sir Richard Woodville, and upon their wedding they leave for England - an island swirling with glorious fortune and a King with an ambitious Queen who Jacquetta fears as much as admires. But as war and death creep and Jacquetta gathers that truth is much more dangerous than witchcraft, her life becomes dependant on the alchemy that flows in her blood…

I hope you like the sound of these four parts and will join me on this journey throughout the four eras of which my heroines adventure through. It'll be quite a ride for me, too, and I'm looking forward to it! So please, stick around, and follow these tales of history's lost women - they deserve to be remembered, not as shadowy figures in the fates of who they knew. Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia were shadows behind their father, the last Tsar. Jane, Catherine and Mary Grey crept around their cousins' Mary, Edward and Elizabeth Tudor. Henrietta Maria was a willowy figure in the portrait of Charles I, England's beheaded King. And Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford remains only the mother of Elizabeth Woodville, the wife of King Edward IV and one of the three women of the War of The Roses.

These women mean a lot to me. Their inspirational stories of trust, friendship, love, honour, pride and faith ended some unjustly and some sadly, some in the midst of war. We cannot rewrite history itself, but we can rewrite the history books - and someone should. If I did, these would be the first to enter!

I hope you will read my four stories and enjoy them as much as I will enjoy writing them.

Kate (Madame K).

Not everyone enters the history books. Forgotten, with lives dominated by others, this tells the stories, the songs, the claims for what is rightfully theirs - these are history's lost heroines.

Mine to Inherit: A Novel of History's Lost Women.