by: erase me away

"I am writing the story that will never end in my heart." – Fiction, B2ST


She sits alone on the shores watching the sunset. The beautiful glow of orange and red shines all around her. He walks towards her and sits beside her. He takes hold of her hand, pulls her into him and kisses her. The warmth of the sun surrounds them as if they were isolated in their own world and nothing could break them apart.

I put my pen down and climbed into bed, it was already pretty late and it's better to get some sleep instead of writing all this nonsense. After all, it is just fiction.

Chapter 1

I hugged my books as I walked down the hallway. Everything was the same as usual. He was standing at his locker with his headphones on while he was reading that book. His dark brown hair shone in the light and was swept messily to the one side. All the girls who walked down the hallway always turned their necks to stare at him for a brief moment or so, entranced. His gentle beauty was different from anyone else I've seen, yet he was cold at the same time. He was untouchable and distant. Nobody knew what went on his mind. He didn't say much, but when he did, it always stood out to make a point. He was the guy that everyone liked and disliked at the same time. People envied him yet looked up to him. His quiet presence always kept us in awe.

"Kimura san, you better hurry up soon, class is starting." A student called out. I nodded as I awoke from my daze. The hallways were almost empty and class was about to start soon. I dashed into the classroom and took my spot beside him. Lee Jung Hwa was his name. He was a very attractive Korean transfer student. All the girls in the school swooned over him as he walked down the hallways. In class, the girls would turn around just to stare at him. Sitting beside him was awkward. He barely spoke and made me feel as if no one was sitting beside me. When I took out my notebook and pen to write, he would acknowledge it and turn his head slightly and then face the front again. His grades were always the top of the class, and ranked top 3 in the school.

Without hesitation she looked him in the eye and said, "I love you". He shook her off and walked away in a huff. His footsteps seemed to be getting further and further away. When she wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up again, he was gone.

"Mayumi Kimura! Stay after class today. This is the third time I called your name and you didn't respond. You're in charge of sweeping the floors today. Please acknowledge the fact that this is a learning facility and you are here to learn, not to sit there writing unnecessary things in your notebook. This is your first warning. Please be careful next time." Tanaka sensei yelled from the front of the classroom. All 34 students turned around to look at me. I felt my face burning from embarrassment as I turned away.

"What are you looking at? Turn around and leave her alone." A voice stated firmly. I turned my head and saw that Lee Jung Hwa was the one that was talking. He merely glanced at me and then turned around again.


After I swept the floors I walked home and thought of what happened today. Lee Jung Hwa stood up for me. In front of the entire class, for me. I felt myself blushing and then slapped myself for being such an idiot. Don't get so excited, he only spoke. It's not like you don't hear people talking every day.

She was alone once again. She had confessed to him, and he had brushed her off in a rude manner. The loneliness always found her somehow and she always broke down crying. She thought that he was the one. He sent her so many mixed messages, and when she finally decided to confront him, he brushed her off.

I dropped my pen and put my notebook away. In a world where it's to express your emotions without others having opinions on you, the best way to let it all out is with pen and paper. Fiction is my escape from reality.

Inspired by kpop song,
Fiction - B2ST

I do not own quoted song lines, but I do own everything else.

July 4th, 2011.

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