Children born with silver hair and snow white eyes are very valuable treasures…A valuable treasure that can provide longevity with their blood, everlasting beauty with their song, and ultimate power when they fall in love…There are not many of them in the world and when one is born, the world can crumble to the desire of having them under their control for the ultimate power…Unfortunately, no one can ever gain the power the love promised but many still has their use for these children, however there were not many left when the world discovered their abilities. The "Lighted" is the name assigned to this group of children…

"Hey Zane, what you got there in your arms?" asked a man with long blond and bright green eyes.

"I presume it's human, give her some food and clothes," replied a woman with midnight purple hair and dazzling grey eyes as she placed an unconscious body down.

"Where did you find her?" asked the same person.

"On my way here," replied the woman known Zane. "She must have been left behind from her group or she's on the run from something…Who knows and it isn't really my business…Just feed her and clothe her properly."

"I may be a mage, but it doesn't mean I'm your lackey," retorted the blond haired man.

"And I am the shape-shifting vampire who saved your ass more than once, twice, and three times over whenever you get in trouble," replied Zane as she lit a cigarette. "Clothes her or I'll do something horrible to you, Oz."

"As if making me to dress a naked woman not horrible enough," grumbled Oz.

"Just do it before I blast your head," said Zane as she glared at the mage who is complaining about his task.

"You sure she's human?" asked Oz as he stared at the unconscious woman. "She's too pale to be an Egyptian…and her hair…would you classify this as white or silver?" as he held a handful of the unconscious woman's hair.

"Let's discuss after you get her some clothes, shall we?" asked Zane while she ran her hand in her midnight purple hair.

"Fine! Fine! I'm on it!" growled Oz as he summoned a spell to dress the sleeping woman.

"That's more like, Oz," answered Zane. "That's to be expected from a powerful mage like you."

"Oh…Shut up," retorted Oz. "My previous question, do you think it's white or silver?"

Zane walked up to the sleeping woman and held a handful of hair gently without waking the slumbering beauty, gave it a closer look and replied, "I'd say this is silver, there's too much of a lustrous shine in this to be white."

"I'm very curious to find out what colour her eyes are…," pondered Oz as he ran his fingers into his blond hair.

"We'll just have to see when she wakes up," responded Zane as she kept smoking.

It was not until late that evening that the sleeping woman awoke. Waking up seeing strangers, she was not the least shocked and kept quiet throughout the whole endeavour. Zane with sensitive hearing, looked over her shoulder and stared into the woman's snow white eyes.

"So my suspicions were right…She is a Lighted," said Oz as he noticed the once sleeping woman being awake. "The silver hair, the white eyes, and may I say the beauty porcelain skin."

"What's your name?" asked Zane as she sat down in front of their camp fire.

"Ellen…My name is Ellen," replied the silver haired woman. "Thank you for the clothing…," as she stared up to Zane.

"Don't look at me," said Zane as she grinned. "I just made the mage over there to summon a spell, we'll have to get you some clothes when we head into the city…"

"Thank you for saving me as well…," said Ellen as she stared down to the ground.

"Why were you there in the middle of the desert?" asked Oz as his curiosity peaked. "I'm Oz by the way. That grumpy log over there is Zane."

"I…kind of escaped from being sold…," replied Ellen as she held on to her body. "I was being herded off to the black market…"

"Have you eaten?" asked Zane as she noticed the silver haired woman feeling very defensive. "All we've got here is bread and water, but it's better than nothing," as she handed Ellen several pieces of bread and some water. Ellen, as much as she wanted to be polite, grabbed the food and began feasting like there was no tomorrow.

"Seem like they decided not to feed you properly either," noted Oz as he stared. "And here I thought they'd feed you well for a better price too…"

"I doubt they were just going to sell you off," interrupted Zane. "They've done something to you…Your blood is very strong…smells like…"

"Faerie poison…," answered Ellen as she looked shamefully away from the two individuals.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of…," stated Oz as he tried to reassure the silver haired woman. "We're not exactly clean slates either…"

"So don't worry," said Zane as she closed her eyes for several minutes.

"We can travel together! Or you can stay with us until you want to leave," suggested the blond mage as he smiled at Ellen.

"Thank you…," replied Ellen as she smiled back with a very warm and grateful smile.

Hello! Just something new, and something that's been floating around my head for a long I decided to write it down! And here it is! Happy Readings~