Zane left her three friends with the mansion as she went to attend her meeting. Ellen decided to help Oz with organizing his study; the place was as messy as a war zone or much worse. The mage needed all the help he can get, and Davis decided to help him out as well. The three individuals worked for several hours, and the blond mage's study was still a mess and they have only covered very small ground.

"How often do you attempt to clean this place?" asked Ellen as she rubbed off a few droplets of sweat from her face.

"I try to clean my study…but it gets messy without me even trying," replied Oz as he tried to defend himself.

"I can see that," said Ellen as she sighed. "How about I go make everyone here a lunch? I bet everyone is hungry."

"You've got no idea," agreed Davis as his stomach growled out loud to state its point.

"I'll get right to it," said Ellen as she walked out of the room to head to the kitchen to begin making their lunch.

"You might want to look after her," suggested Oz. "I don't like it that she's walking around the house by herself without Zane in the premise…"

"I'll be on it," said Davis as he walked out of the study.

As Davis and Ellen were off to make lunch, Oz continued in attempt to keep cleaning the study. The peace and quiet was very short lived when a sudden crash got the blond mage's full attention. Oz threw whatever he had on his hands and ran out to the kitchen. Upon his arrival, the kitchen was as messy as his study. He saw Davis all alert and in his werewolf form, ready to tear apart anything that dared to approach him. As the blond mage searched around for Ellen and she was nowhere in sight, no sign of her anywhere in the kitchen.

"Davis! What happened?" exclaimed as Oz calmed down the raging werewolf.

"Something came in…and it felt like a shadow…or something…and it took Ellen," muttered Davis in panic. "What are we suppose to do…? Oz…What have I done…? I let her slip right from my hands…"

"Relax," said Oz as he hummed a soothing spell for the panicking werewolf. "Tell me what you remember of the thing that grabbed Ellen."

"It was definitely Faerie…," said Davis as regulated his breathing. "Coming in without a trace…ghost like…and having a bone-chilling shadow…I think my hands are frostbitten…right?"

Oz took his hands to inspect it, and found that the werewolf was frostbitten and his hands were freezing cold. "This is definitely Faerie magic…What do they want with Ellen…? I've got to contact Zane…"

"What the hell happened here? Where is Ellen?" interrupted Zane's voice as she walked into the mansion. "Something happened here didn't it…?"

"I was about to contact you," said Oz as he led Davis to the midnight purple haired woman. "Someone abducted Ellen using Faerie magic nonetheless…And what's bothering me most is what they want with Ellen…"

"How about being the last Lighted alive," stated Zane as she punched the nearest wall from frustration. "I knew something like this was bound to happen."

"She the last one alive!" exclaimed Oz. "You are not joking right…This can only get ugly…"

"No kidding…," replied Zane as she smelled the air around the kitchen. "This is going to be difficult…"

"I'm really scared for what is going to be done with her," said Davis as he worried for his best friend.

"I've got a feeling they're trying to manipulate her with the poison they've induced her with," stated Zane as she walked over to the broken windows.

"I really don't like this feeling of dread I can't fight back…It gives me chills…," said Oz as Davis held on to him rather tightly.

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