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Song of Angel Heart

By Angela Fyre


The year of 2012 gave birth to the Devil Mages; evil magic users who were the nightmares of civilization. They were Satan's spawn, first born of thin air. To protect civilization and restore the balance of good and evil, God brought forth the Angel Mages. Anytime the Devil Mages get out of hand, the Angel Mages' leader must find a human to help sing a very special song in order to seal the Devil Mages for two years. This puts them back until they rise again. The ritual was first performed in 2016.

Now at Rosette, a very abnormal and mysterious town on the continent of Faith Cove, the year is 2200 and the Devil Mages are rising again. So the Angel Mage Leader is on the move to find the second singer. There she stood outside Rosette High School, trying to remember if she had even been in a public school before. If so, just how long had it been? The beautiful girl was there to find the second singer, the one to help save Faith Cove again. Only Faith Cove had the one city affected by mages in the first place, so only Rosette needed protection.

"Oh wow, the school is so huge. What have I gotten into?" Renaia wondered aloud.

Renaia Sage, a girl taller than some guys and thin yet not underweight, was the gorgeous leader of the Angel Mages. She had long wavy maroon hair and pink eyes, both naturally colored from birth. She soon entered the schoolyard and watched people gawk at her, which she always hated.

Renaia soon became aware of an argument nearby as she approached the red brick building that was her new school. She started looking for the source and soon saw a boy pushing around an orange haired boy with blue eyes.

"Hey look here, it's the silent jerk."

"Oh what do you want?"

Renaia watched, practically daring the bully to touch the orange haired boy again. He did, the bully shoved the orange haired one into the wall and it was at this instant that Renaia began walking toward the area.

"Just leave me alone!" bellowed the orange haired boy.

"Such a short fuse Gerald."

Gerald was shoved again and the bully began hitting Gerald's head on the wall repeatedly. Renaia ran now, fearing for Gerald's life.

"Hey, leave him alone!" she screamed.

"Who are you? Hey Gerald, since when did anyone care about you?" the bully asked, looking at Gerald.

"Run...just run..." Gerald moaned, losing consciousness.

She rushed past the bully and pulled Gerald up carefully. She found that he was unconscious and quickly lay him back down.

"Who are you? How do you know him?"

"I don't know him, but I will protect him. I'm Renaia Sage, I can and will make you leave him alone."

The bully scowled and ran off somewhere. Renaia kneeled down and examined Gerald.

"Alright, a cure will do it," Renaia murmured.

She clasped her hands "I call to the spirits of light, please give me a hand, cure!" A light appeared and healed all head wounds.

She watched him until he began waking up.

"Ohh," he groaned.

"Hey there. I think the bell to call us all inside is about to ring, so you're just in time," Renaia told him.

Gerald stood up and backed away from Renaia quickly.

"What the...? Who are you?" Gerald asked sharply.

"My name is Renaia. Nice to meet you."

"Nice. Now go back to whoever paid you to befriend me," Gerald scowled and ran away.

"But-! Hey, wait! Paid? For what?" Renaia mused.

The bell summoned everyone inside to prepare for the morning. Renaia stopped to get her schedule and was thrown into the school with no map. Through the day, Renaia looked at the song's lyrics. The mystic song could be read by only one other besides the Angel Mage leader. As her day progressed, she found no one else who could read any of it. On her way to third class, Renaia heard a lovely sound filling the hallways. She began dancing to this music as it embraced her heart. She knew she simply had to find out who was making such beautiful music. As the music got louder, she found the music room. Renaia opened the door and saw a familiar boy playing the guitar. She twirled inside very quietly and went unseen by the boy's closed eyes. That's when she realized the guitarist was Gerald!

"Who's here?" asked his voice, a gentle yet pained voice.

Gerald stopped playing his beautiful blue guitar and opened his blue eyes. Renaia gasped, she had been so very silent. Gerald eyed the pink eyed beauty suspiciously as he waited for an answer.

"I...I'm so sorry. I overheard your playing, so I just had to find the player. You play so very beautifully," Renaia explained herself.

"Look, thanks for defending me or whatever, but I told you to go back to-" Gerald began

"I'm not being paid, seriously!" Renaia protested, cutting Gerald off "To me, that's an insult! I have no idea what has brainwashed you into thinking that people have to be paid to be your friends. I'm new here and I could use a friend."

"Well you don't want me. Not many people like me, so it'll do you no good."

"So much self-doubt. Hey, can you try to read something for me?"

"Later. You have a class I assume. I'm really close to mine, so maybe you should get to yours. I have a feeling this won't be our final encounter anyway."

Renaia took the hint and left as Gerald's music resumed, but softer than earlier. She quickly arrived at her class on time, but she now had a fantastic feeling.