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"Why? Why do I have to wear this thing?" Gerald asked.

"I don't know, ask our wedding planners," Renaia giggled.

Renaia and Gerald, now 26 years old each, were working on wedding stuff, as they had been for the past week. Gerald was trying on a 'stupid' tuxedo while Renaia waited for Layla to whisk her off to Rosette Bridal.

"Why did we hire Marietta and Fayth as our wedding planners?" inquired Gerald wearily.

"Because they begged us to hire them," answered Renaia, laughing again at her dearest Gerald's frustration.

Gerald laughed too, "I look stupid."

"You do not, you look very handsome," Renaia sighed softly.

"Well, you can't lie. I still want to know why you get to see me in this monkey suit and I don't get to see your dress until you walk down that aisle."

"I don't know either. Oh well, at least we don't have to dance. You know we'd be terrible since we haven't danced since prom."

Despite their inexperienced dancing, Renaia and Gerald had made prom king and queen that year. That fact had infuriated many and excited several others, so it was awkwardly received by the school. It was taken very well by Renaia and Gerald though, both still had the crowns and scepters from that.

"I know, I wasn't even very good back then," Gerald stated.

"We were both pretty bad."

Rachel flung herself into the room, "Change of plans! Well, not really, the only change is that you two will be doing a dance part. I was thinking of the tango since Gerald had that rose blip before proposing..."

"What!" screeched Gerald and Renaia in ultimate unison, their voices echoing thunderously through their house, "We can't dance!"

"I told you they'd be mad," Layla murmured as she made entrance.

"Who's mad about what?" asked Flamio Ember, Antonio's 17 year old replacement and now the youngest active Angel Mage.

He was short and skinny with short rounded blond hair and ember eyes. He had been Antonio's apprentice and had finally taken Antonio's place in 2202, when Flamio had turned ten years old. Now it was 2210 and Flamio was 17. He knew the entire story behind Renaia and Gerald, a story that would forever be passed through Angel Mage generations beyond them, and he was now aiding in the planning of their wedding.

"Seriously, we are not dancing! It doesn't compute; not after seven years!" protested Renaia and Gerald.

Marietta and Fayth entered the room, laughing excitedly as Renaia's palm met her face. Gerald held his fiancé to his side and patted her silky hair.

"Come on guys, dancing is so romantic and cute!" squealed 22 year old Fayth.

Renaia and Gerald looked at each other, sighed, prayed they wouldn't regret this, and held their heads.

"So let me get this straight; I have a wedding in two weeks, Layla is dragging me to Rosette Bridal, and I have to learn how to tango!" cried Renaia.

"And I have to try on more of these tuxedos and learn how to tango?" asked Gerald, heaving a heavy sigh.

Marietta, Fayth, Layla, Rachel, and Flamio nodded in unison, "That's right!"

Rachel's cell phone rang and she checked it's caller I.D.

"The florist! Got to go you guys!"

Rachel charged out of Renaia and Gerald's large home in Angel Hollows so she could speak to the florist. Their home was along the eastern side and was about double the size of Renaia's old home, which stood empty in the northeastern corner now.

"Flamio, did you order the cake yet?" asked Marietta.

"Not yet. I'll go do that now."

Flamio ran off and Marietta sighed cheerily.

"I'll go check on a preacher," she stated.

Marietta laughed as she left the house and Layla grinned at the soon-to-be married couple. Renaia groaned and Gerald held her tighter, not so happy at the current predicament himself. Why, oh why, did they have to dance? Something inside of the pair had been unable to protest and the comfort they found in each other's arms made them subconsciously believe that it would be perfectly fine.

"Gerald, I'll take you to your first male single lesson. Then it will be me, Renaia, and a bridal shop," Layla stated.

Renaia's mind drew forth a memory ten years ago of her fellow Angel Mages in a clothing store, where they had filled an entire cart in the few minutes she had taken to buy ice cream.

"Oh God, help me," sighed Renaia.

"You said it sweetheart," Gerald moaned, "-oh God, help me as well."

The wedding was indeed in two weeks, February 10th and the weather would be lovely, as always on Faith Cove, for the outdoor wedding. By the end of the day, Renaia had her dress and Gerald had his tuxedo. Corsages were arranged for by Rachel and things were coming together slowly for the couple. At the end of the week, both did have a major headache though while all of the Angel Mages had bridesmaid dresses and Flamio had a tuxedo for himself. He was taking the ring bearer job and Marietta would be giving Renaia away as her father would have done himself...if he only could. For now, Renaia and Gerald's only concern was their dance lessons.

"You guys are doing fine!" called the coach.

"We are?" wailed Renaia and Gerald.

Gerald tripped over his own foot and fell into Renaia. Lips connected as two bodies crashed into a wood floor.

"Ow...that had to hurt," grunted Layla.

"You know, if we'd kiss each time, I wouldn't mind falling so much," Renaia laughed, gazing passionately up at her fiancé, who lay on top of her in a terribly compromising position.

Gerald chuckled about this and kissed her adoringly.

"Okay, enough! Quit reminding me that I'm single and get up to try again!" cried the coach.

They continued working on it as hard as they possibly could, even outside of the dance studio. It didn't go without falls, kisses, and fluff, not to mention the lonely tears of their instructor, but it got increasingly better.

On February 10th, Gerald awaited his bride at the front of the churchyard, standing under a wedding arch. The arch was covered with Angel Blooms and one was pinned to Gerald's white tuxedo as his corsage while Renaia's was a small group of Angel Blooms around her left wrist. In the audience was Miss Callie, Rina, some of the hospital staff, the other Angel Mages, such as apprentices or elders, and other friends to Renaia and Gerald. The wedding march rang, silencing the outdoor crowd. Fayth, Layla, and Rachel came down the aisle, throwing a mix of roses, Angel Blooms, and pink daisies. Behind them, arm in arm, came a beautiful Marietta and a stunning Renaia. Gerald blushed as he gasped at her with admiring marvel. Tall and sleek as her longer, wavier, and silkier maroon hair flowed, Renaia wore a long white dress adorned with some lace and a slight train. A silky and light pink colored veil crowned her as it flowed from a halo of Angel Blooms atop her head to the very end of her dress.

And of course, being the Leader Angel Mage still yet, Renaia's wings flowed brightly from her back, reaching fluidly to the sky.

"Oh my gosh..." Gerald couldn't stop gaping.

Like her favorite dress from so very long ago, a long piece of fabric was woven around her arms and her corsage clung to her left wrist.. Marietta wore a below knee dress colored in a pastel pink while her long red hair was braided with a pink ribbon woven into it until it tied off at the end.

"We must be breathtaking," whispered Marietta.

Renaia was blushing, "I agree, Gerald looks speechless."

"With good reason."

Once up there, the preacher made his speech before Flamio brought the rings. Gerald took Renaia's ring and lifted her right hand.

"With this ring comes my faithful promise to hold and protect you no matter what. I'll never abandon you or harm you in any way possible and I'll always stand by you. I'll catch you when you fall, help you correct a wrong if needed, save your life; whatever you need. This ring comes to remind you just how much I love you, though I shall strive to ensure you never forget," Gerald slid the ring on her finger.

Renaia picked up the remaining ring and lifted Gerald's right hand.

"With this ring comes my own faithful promise to ensure that you never fall and that you will always have my loving heart on your side. I'll never let you give up and I'll make certain that you never break, but should you fall or break, I'll be there to mend you. Through everything, I will stand by you and protect you. This ring comes to remind you of how much I love you back, although I too shall strive to make sure you never forget," Renaia slid the ring onto Gerald's finger.

The preacher didn't even have to call for it, because Gerald automatically kissed his new wife. Happy tears flowed as they were pronounced husband and wife that day of 2210. They danced a decent tango and kissed an innumerable amount of times. Prayers of lifetime blessings danced up to heaven and happy tears continued on.

"Fayth, I think we have a future in wedding planning," stated Marietta.

"Me too!" squealed Fayth.

Gerald grinned at his wife, "Hopefully any clients of their's know the tango."

Renaia laughed brightly, he was so very right!

"Ooh! Rachel, Flamio, and I could work with you guys!" cried Layla.

"Angel Mage Wedding Planning; sound's like fun!" called Flamio, "I'm in!"

"I think Gerald and I will stick to being an adorable detective team together. And don't forget we're all still Angel Mages here," Renaia stated.

"Sounds great to me," added Gerald.

Gerald now got to join Rosette Watch with Renaia, but he still had to be protected and couldn't fight as par Angel Mage law. The newly married couple kissed again as Rosette's sky smiled upon them and a warm wind blew softly. Shimmering sunlight beams of love and joy shined; a bond that would never break...

It had all started when an Angel Mage rescued a human from a school bully one lovely day.

She picked him up and recovered the dormant love hidden within.

She taught him faith and belief in oneself.

He protected her and aided her in any way he could.

Just when it looked like she was gone, she came back.

Was there anything more beautiful?

No, of course not. Nothing was more beautiful than this.