In the shattered window glass,
I heard your mute screams of terror and regrets-
and the cries' silhouette were shaking.
Your trembling hand rested on a nearby wall,
you could barely support yourself
as many people rushed forward to you.
I've never told this to you,
but I wished to be the one who could hold you
when you were feeling weak,
or when you needed someone to cry on.

I wished I could have rushed down
and held you- told you it was alright;
but I couldn't do such a heroic thing-
I could only stare from a corner,
behind the wall like a cowardly shadow.
Yet my tears dripped down all the same,
even if I couldn't be there,
I'm sure you felt my wanting to be with you, right...?

Your bloodied screams,
"if only I could turn back time,"
praying to God with each faltering breath.
Hands clenched your hair; pulling slightly,
it's just a broken glass left... empty leftovers,
a hole- abyss in your soulless eyes.
If only I could have embraced you,
and just bring back the life into the once pretty lady-
yet, even if I could care for you, I can't...
I couldn't be the one for you.
The white untainted, pure wings of the angel in you,
slowly changing into just a mere human.
I want to bring back the angel I loved so, so much;

because I can't love anyone else-
It can only be you.