When Buck had thrust his cock inside her for the first time, Melissa just kept her eyes closed and waited for the stinging pain to fade. But it had been replaced by something sharper and for a moment fear threatened again.

"Relax…," he kept telling her but easier said than done because after all, she'd never had a man wedged in between her thighs thrusting his cock inside of her. But she tried hard for him anyway because she knew that despite his dominant attitude, he didn't want to hurt her.

Only as much as he had to, he explained while initiating her into the world she had always been standing on the outside of until one man won her virginity in a poker match. Now, he rocked more gently against her, pushing her into the mattress which yielded beneath their joined bodies. His cock slid deeper into her pussy each time, coaxing her to relax just a little more, allow another inch of him inside of her slick warmth. She spread her legs as wide as they could go; shifting his angle subtly enough so that his shaft rubbed against the part of her that changed everything.

She sucked in her breath and just cried out.

"Oh my…ohhhhh…."

He smiled as her cries turned to pleasure and just looked at her as her eyes searched his face.

"You want me to stop?"

She tried to shake her head, to gasp out the words no, she didn't want him to stop now that he'd started making her feel good…ripples of pleasure permeating from where his cock rubbed against her clit as it sunk inside her. With each stroke, he withdrew leaving only a small part of himself inside her, mostly because her pussy hugged him snugly. But when he thrust back inside of her, she sighed, and she murmured against him. She held onto him so tightly around his waist as his ass flexed to power his thrusts. The friction increased and he grabbed the back of her thighs and pulled her closer to him, encouraging her to wrap herself more tightly in his embrace.

She fumbled a bit because she had no idea what she did, or what rules she needed to follow, so she just tried to keep up.

"Come on…ride with me…," he urged her on.

"I don't…know…how…"

He kissed her on the mouth and bucked even harder, faster and suddenly she felt her body moving in response…his withdrawal from inside her left her feeling loss, a sense of emptiness, a chasm needing to be filled so she found herself lifting her ass off the mattress to keep him from leaving her. As she did that, his cock slid deeper and stayed there longer…and oh, the friction sent shockwaves through her that almost made her cry out.

She wanted to tell him to fuck her harder and faster, to press her against the mattress and just nail her with each thrust until his balls slapped her body. But she didn't have the words so she thrust up to meet him. He cupped her ass and molded it to his groin, and then shifted his thrusts to a bump and grind motion that…god she hadn't anticipated.

"Buck…don't stop…"

"I can't… but you need to hold on…hold on tight."

She gripped his shoulders this time and he plunged even more deeply than she thought possible because it wasn't just the act of him sinking his cock into her pussy but something inside her felt him…as if he'd gotten closer to a part of herself she kept hidden from everyone.

The mattress springs squeaked but neither of them noticed, as he kept the tempo of his thrusting, and her pussy met every single one. The collision of their bodies, the scent of their musk in the air…the droplets of sweat on her face…and then she felt the buildup inside her threaten to overwhelm her.

Oh no, she couldn't take that…each thrust pushed her closer until she flirted with the full power of the pleasure about to envelop her body…when his cock slid away, she felt some relief…some reprieve in case it became too much for her.

"Oh god…your pussy's so sweet…"

But each thrust…she bit her lip to keep from crying out her release…to try to push back the dam of elation that threatened to spill over…she'd scream and she'd claw his back and she'd thrust her pussy back at him…and he'd know what he'd done to her.

"Just a little bit longer…"

At that point, he bucked his hips again and rammed her body, and the explosion that rocked her made her scream…a cluster of words she'd soon forget but she grabbed him tight and her pussy gripped his cock even as it shuddered around it. She felt her muscles quake, her legs weaken and she wanted so badly to arch her head back because she couldn't stand it.

Oh…damn as the shockwaves he catalyzed drove through her…she sank on the bed, her legs still gripping him as he thrust even harder, faster almost to the point of pleasure turning into pain and then hot jets of liquid shot inside of her. He arched his back, groaned and then sunk on top of her as his own orgasm held him.

Afterward, he rolled her gently over so she lay on top of him, his cock still buried inside of her. His arms firmly around her as she lay sprawled, their bodies drying together. She had no words, but plenty of emotions washing over her, with none of them dominating her attention. Her breath rasped harshly against his chest and she felt his own heart racing against her skin.

She had no energy to move or to do anything but just lie there in his arms. He started caressing her while she closed her eyes. Too wired to sleep but needing to process how she felt after what had happened.

"How you feeling," he asked finally.


"You're not a virgin anymore," he said, "you hurting?"

She did an inventory and yeah, she felt some soreness between her legs, but mostly a dull ache.

"You mean am I saddle sore?"

He chuckled.

"Something like that…here let me get something to clean you up."

She never considered he might want to do that.

"You don't have to…"

"I want to," he said, "My cum's not going to stay inside you for long and there might be some bleeding."

She didn't think so, because after all, but then would she know? He gently moved her aside on the bed and got out, offering her a breathtaking view of his gorgeous backside. When he returned with a cloth, she didn't move while he started gently cleaning her pussy, and her inner thighs.

"You do this for all your women?"

He stroked the now scarlet lips of her pussy noting only slight swelling. Maybe all that time on horseback had paid off.

"Nah, just the ones I win in poker matches."

That made her smile but then she wondered what he thought of her as a lover. After all, she hadn't known what the hell she'd been doing but at some point, her body had felt like moving against his so she gave it free rein.

He hadn't seemed to mind at all.

"How was I?"

He kissed her mouth, softly and then with more ardor before releasing her with a smile that slowly crossed his face.

"You were incredible…when you got your ass on the bed."

She sighed, and when he lay back down, he pulled her with him.

"What are you doing," she asked.

"I'm holding onto you," Buck said, "I've got you for the whole night."

She twisted in his arms, looking at him.

"I thought you wanted a virgin…"

He licked his mouth, and she hoped it wasn't due to amusement.

"No…I wanted you," he said, "I wanted to get in between your thighs and show you one of the things that pussy of yours can do."

She took a deep breath, her heart still beating rapidly and her pussy still drenched from what they'd just shared.

"I had no idea…god…I would have given it up sooner…"

He kissed her lightly on the mouth, and she savored the pressure of his lips. She felt the anticipation build in her again.

"Nah…it was perfect the way it turned out," he said, "and we do have the rest of the night."

"For what…?"

He just looked at her.

"Oh I still got a few things I got to show you."

She felt her skin prickle from his words because now that she'd gotten a taste, she wanted more from him…only next time she'd be riding his cock and holding the reins.

And if she needed to get her hands on some rope to do that, she'd go right ahead and show them her finesse in that area herself.

One year later….

"Ride me cowgirl…"

She smiled at him as she lowered her bare pussy on the most memorable erection of her life that being her husband of two days, Buck. His hands gripped her hips as she sunk the most memorable pussy he'd ever experienced inch by tantalizing inch on his pole.

She sighed as she sat in the saddle in a manner of speaking. He'd proposed to her underneath the apple tree after she'd just sent him sky high with a blow job and she said, yes but only if she could ride him first on their honeymoon. So now she sat, buck ass naked on her equally undressed Buck and did his favorite version of a bump and grind as she rode him. He leaned up to try to reach her breasts as they lurked almost close enough to taste…the rosy nipples torturing his taste buds.

The wedding had been small and intimate, only a few friends and family, the reception filled with great music, dancing and even better food and kegs of beer everywhere to keep everyone happy and mellow.

But both the bride and groom decided to sneak off on their honeymoon at a cabin in some remote mountain location to get their married life started off just right. She packed naughty lingerie and plenty of body paints in margarita flavor and he, rope and a blindfold and champagne body wash for use in the claw foot tub just off the master bedroom.

Everything they packed would get good use on the six days and seven nights they'd be spending on their honeymoon.

She smiled, the candlelight around them giving her face an ethereal glow as she leaned forward slightly as she rode him to make her clit happy and to give him a chance to do some nipple tasting on the down stroke. Her cries and his moans filled the cabin and in between, their laughter and companionable chatter.

They'd been at it like rabbits since they arrived earlier that day and every corner of the 1000 square foot cabin and a lot of the outdoors would witness their cavorting. Buck watched his wife arch her back and hoped that by the time they headed home, his seed would have coaxed one of her ova's into conceiving their first baby.

He'd had his eye on her all along, wanting to get her hitched quickly because Buck had come from a large family and planned on having lots of kids with this filly and lots of kids meant plenty of…frolicking in the sheets.

His children would grow up tall and strong, the men as bold in what they wanted as he and the daughters so beautiful like their mama he'd have to warn the guys away. He'd take care of them alongside his wife and at night he'd sit by their bed and tell them stories before they slept.

And some day when they were all grown and old enough, he'd tell them about how a poker match brought their parents together.