Humans have always hated things they can't understand.

Maybe it's human nature or something, but humans have always wanted to be on top—to be better than everything else. They will go to great lengths to make sure that they are the top, the Alpha, the ruler.


Because they're scared, I think. They're scared of what they don't know being the top dog instead of them. That paranoia has fueled humans since the beginning of time, since the first caveman triumphed wooly mammoths in fear that the mammoths would kill them. And humans haven't changed much since then, motivation-wise. And this wanting to be on the top is going to break humans down from what they fear most: the unknown.

I will tell you one thing for certain. I'm not like you.

I officially have no name, as I always and never had. I never existed in the first place, and therefore, I don't exist. But 'existence' is something that humans have created just so they feel like they're on top of the entire planet. Our planet. Not just the human's. It gets confusing after a while.

My 'name' is Operation Spotlight. Just call me Spotlight for short. You're probably wondering why I talk about the humans like they're an entirely different species, but rest assured I am human.

The difference between my world and yours is mindset, perspective, self-motivation, and the United States Government.

You exist in their eyes because you're not a threat. I don't exist because I am. What sense does that make? Tell me when you figure that one out.

I am what the Government calls an Unknown. It's a very demoralizing title, but it's all I have because, remember, I don't officially exist.

Unknowns are made up of people (who also don't officially exist in their eyes) like me that have different 'qualities' about them.

And when I say 'qualities', I mean mutations. You could call us mutants, to be vulgar. But that doesn't mean that we have four eyes, ooze slime, turn green and/or start yelling about ourselves in the third person.

My story is not a very pretty one; it doesn't start well, go well, or end well. To put it bluntly, it straight out stinks.

I was born somewhere, sometime in the late 90's. That's all I know about myself.

Somewhere in my tiny newborn body, my genes got a little confused. Here's a little science lesson for you: babies are born with twenty four pairs of chromosomes, the little X's and/or a Y that tell if you have green eyes or blue, brown hair or black. They inevitably make you who you are, but that's just with twenty four. Throw one more chromosome in and you're just screwed for life.

Chromosomes that are extra lead into mental or physical disabilities. But add ten more, and that's where you get me.

Little mutant girl.

Instead of normal twenty four chromosomes, my body made thirty four, which completely screwed my genes up.

And you know what happens when you have a kid who has ten extra sets of chromosomes?

Neither did the doctors that tried to figure me out.

Well, I figured it out.

My eyes are messed up. I don't know the exact science behind it, but my eyes aren't light sensitive at all. Light does not bother me whatsoever. I could stare into the sun for days and nothing happen. It's crazy.

I'm not saying I'm like Superman or something like that, but for lack of better words (Webster needs to hit those books again to make up a word for it) I have powers.

Abilities, 'special capabilities', a million other names for it would suffice.

This makes me a freak, because something about me, normal humans don't understand. So long story short, the doctors freaked, they told the government, the government freaked, I got taken away from my mother, they told my mother I had died in their little evaluation of me, and I was taken away to a secret facility about a billion gazillion miles from any civilization.

And that's where my story really begins.