We rested for a while, talking every now and then and just enjoying each other's company. It was nice just lying there with Tiger, not worrying about anything else. I could almost forget the Protectors for a little while.

Eventually, our calm silence was broken by the loud growl of Tiger's stomach.

We got up from the bed and headed into the kitchen for food. I had already eaten with Luck earlier, but I humored him by tagging along.

In the kitchen were Sea, Glass and Claw. They were sitting on the bar stools by the counter and looked up as we entered.

"Good morning, guys." I said.

Glass and Claw nodded while Sea just stared at me. She glanced at Tiger beside me. "Hello."

I found her response a little odd, but I shook it off. Tiger went straight to the fridge.

I went to sit down beside Glass, but before I could, Sea grabbed my arm and hauled me out of the kitchen into the hallway.

"Are you kidding me?" Sea whispered sharply.

"What? Am I not allowed to eat anymore?" I demanded.

The Creator puffed her cheeks out in annoyance. "You and Tiger," She clarified. "Come on, Spot."

I gave her a little shrug. "What about us?"

"What do you mean, what do I mean? Are you guys…" Sea paused. "A thing?"

I squinted in thought. "I think?"

Sea looked like she was going to slap me. "What do you mean, you 'think'? It's a yes or no question!"

I shook off her arm. "So what if we are? Is that a problem or something?"

The Creator folded her arms defensively. "It's not a problem. I just wish you had told me. Aren't we friends?"

Her words made me feel bad. Of course we were friends. But it wasn't like I was about to go parading around my relationship with Tiger. Didn't that make enough sense?

I could feel my ears redden with embarrassment. Sea was disappointed in me, and this wasn't the first time. I didn't want to burn this bridge, so I needed to fix it right now.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, Sea," I apologized. "I wasn't even sure what we were for a while. But that's no excuse. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings at all."

Sea watched me steadily as I spoke and her face softened slowly. "I forgive you. I kind of guessed it when you started spending all your time with Tiger instead of me. We just don't see each other as much anymore."

I gave her a little smile. "But that's going to change. Right?"

Sea grinned. "Yeah."

My shoulders felt a little lighter after making peace with Sea. It was nice to be on the same page again.

"Honestly, I don't think Tiger would've wanted everyone to know anyway," Sea muttered as she glanced at the kitchen doorway. "You know, the others might think he's getting soft."

I smiled. "We can't have that."

Sea winked. "Of course not. Now let's go back and get something to eat. I'm starved!"

With that, she led me back into the kitchen with the guys. They were laughing at some joke that Claw had told. I was glad that everything was settled now.

Sea set up the stove to make eggs and bacon for all of us, along with my help. The guys sat at the counter, watching and talking with us. Of course they weren't of any help cooking but we didn't mind at all.

As soon as the food was done, Sea and I dished out plates and set them in front of the guys. We grabbed plates for ourselves and leaned against the sink to eat. We all laughed and ate like pigs; with warm food in our stomachs, everyone was in a better mood.

We left the dishes on the counter and stove and migrated into the living room to watch tv together. The Creators and I crowded on the couch together while the Destroyers occupied chairs. Glass had called upstairs to invite Luck to join us, but I guess he hadn't heard us.

During one of the commercial breaks, while Sea and I were talking about something, the doorbell rang.

We all froze in place at the sound. There were no other visitors besides Visor and nobody was very fond of him anyway.

As soon as the sharp sound of the doorbell faded away, it rang again.

"Should we go get it?" I asked in the quiet living room. We all looked to the foyer.

"Luck said he's the only one who should answer the door," Glass replied. "Just in case."

Claw scoffed. "That seems like a stupid rule."

"It is his house." Sea defended. "It makes enough sense."

A door shut loudly from upstairs and hurried footsteps sounded down the staircase. I glanced over my shoulder to see a glimpse of Luck walking into the foyer. He didn't seem to notice any of us. He went straight to the door, glanced at the little window on it and threw the door open.

There was a sudden sharp intake from Luck. Muted voices came afterwards; everyone in the living room watched in anticipation. Someone cut the tv off in the midst of it.

Luck backed up into the foyer to let someone in; the door shut behind them.

As the person turned around, my eyes widened.

It was Black Cat.

Luck and Black Cat talked in hushed voices for a moment; the Defyer was watching her in awe, as if he couldn't believe that she was actually here.

"Oh, there you all are." Black Cat mused once she saw us all watching from the living room. She was wearing a leather jacket, black pants and black high heeled boots, and looked just as flawless as ever. I was still stunned to see her here. After all, the last time I seen her was when she had broken Sand and I out of our cells. This time however, her floating circle of glass was gone.

"Black Cat?" Tiger demanded in surprise as he stood up. "What are you doing here?"

"It's good to see you all again," Black Cat replied as she stepped through the archway into the living room. Luck followed her carefully. "I need to tell you all something."

I turned around in my seat to give her my attention. It was dead silent in the room as we waited for her to speak. I saw Tiger sit back down in his seat from my peripherals.

Black Cat's faint smile disappeared into a sober expression immediately. "I need the Lyon group's help. It's very important."

"What is it?" Luck asked sternly.

Black Cat's eyes searched everyone's face silently, as if she were sizing us up. I felt a cold shock go down my back as she found my face.

"I need you all to help me break into a Sector."

My heart stopped.