He had been desperately holding on for so long now. Each day brought new trials, new problems to add to his mind. His life was normal in it's sense, but he was not. His mind was twisted into strange positions and views. Logic came in and insanity came out. Everything was lined with red edges and corrupted in his eyes.

And soon his life became like his mind.

Bustling streets vanished, replaced with endless hallways. Hospitals turned to slaughter houses. Broken and bleeding bodies lay before him, because of him. Yet he still clung to hope. Hope that someone might reach out to him. Hope the ones he used to care for would see him, and not through him. That hope was pushed farther and farther back as he became broken. Each event added another crack to his vision. Each murder adding another twist in his brain.

He screamed silently, sobbed silently. A broken angel alone in it's despair of betrayal that had brought it here. Each scream broke him further, causing more rifts. He slowly drifted away from anything and everything tangible, sinking into a deeper insanity. A mask was created, hiding that insanity. A perfect, smiling mask that no one could possible see through.



Really, he felt fine.


Nothing was wrong.


This was fun.


He does not need help.


The mask was slipping...


Laughing, laughing. It was all so ridiculous! There was not a single thing he cared about anymore... He had no reason to cry..


Tears ran down his face, but out of humor not sorrow...He could not feel such things anymore...


Finally, he shattered completely. Each piece of his heart fluttered down to the ruins of his soul. He wasn't regretting anything..


The ground was so far away, yet so close. Red outlining people going about their business..


From his high perch he could laugh at those people, knowing nothing at all of true suffering. Something he did not experience anymore...So why not? One leg was carelessly thrown over the edge.


Falling, floating down to the ground. Colors blurring and mixing with the red. Soon the red soaked ground came close, and he smiled and let a few words cross his lips.

"And neither is anything right."

/Most would think we hide behind masks to conceal our true selves, our identity. But the real reason is to see who cares enough to look under it./