A/N: 3 weeks without biting my nails and I miss you even when you're here

Nail Biting

She slips on a dress

Heels half a size too small

Meticulously paints her fingernails with

Black and white polka dots

For that one second when you see her

That one moment when she enters a room

And your eyes meet

You've been without her so long

You forgot about happiness

Forgot about intrigue or laughter

Or tickle fights or falling

Asleep with someone next to you

It's time you move on

It's time you look in the mirror

And see someone else beside you

To let go of love and loss and

Let fear take its place

No matter who she goes to

Who she kisses

Who she lies to and who lies to her

No one has made her as happy as you did

Nobody can make me as happy as you do