Yellow Flowers.

I am a girlfriend.

He teases me for being small.

I get mad (but inside I love the way his eyes look at me as he says it)

He teases me for being cute when angry.

I get mad because I am NOT cute (although inside I'm starting to think so…)

He laughs and lets me win.

I smile in victory (well… I smile at the sound of his laughter…)

He holds my hand

He hugs me

We walk and talk together

We kiss (but sometimes I know I pull away too soon…)

He asks me why

I say I don't know (I don't want to but sometimes I still find it kind of gross)

He isn't convinced

I'm insistent and he accepts it (I'd never tell him the reason – cause it's not his fault… I think)

We cuddle all the time

People "aww" at us

I get shy

I trust him completely

I know him

And he knows me

And I hope he trusts me that way too.

Every month that passes, he gives me a flower…

The first two were yellow…

The third time, because we didn't see each other, he sent me a link on the Internet to "yellow flowers . com"

The fourth was a white rose…

The fifth time is yet to come.

I know most things don't last forever,

I know that this seems it will become the first of many more to come…

I know that I probably won't spend the rest of my life with him – my first boyfriend…

But with him I don't worry about the future,

Because he makes my present beautiful and special every day,

Just as he makes ME feel every day – beautiful and special

Even like now when I don't see him and it's only my thoughts of him

We don't have to last forever – he is my every day; now.

And that's the only important time for me,

Thanks to him.

Because I'm his girlfriend =)