Do I annoy you?

I feel like I do…

You love me right?

We're friends…aren't we?

You'd tell me if you didn't wanna talk to me…

Wouldn't you?

I log on everyday…

Waiting for you to get online.

When I see you're live I smile

But…then that smile fades away.

I think to myself

"Do I annoy him?"

"Does he wanna be bothered?"

"Would he tell me if I was annoying?"

Would you?

Or would you put up with me to save me?

Save me from the embarrassment.

I need you to tell me…

If I annoy you please tell me!

I don't wanna be a bother to anyone.

I stay quiet sometimes when Im there.

Waiting for those words:

"Leave. You're annoying."

But they never come.

Why not!

I know I annoy you so please tell me!

I feel hurt knowing that I might be a bother on you.

Maybe I should disappear from Blog.

Distance myself from you and everyone else.

Maybe it's for the best.

You're like my brother.

I trust you.

I want you to trust me.

So tell me

Do I annoy you?