Well hello! This is the first story i've ever written, so please, go easy on me.

Here's the full summary: Twenty-three year old Ben Carter is pursuing the career of his dreams- The Air Force. But, when tragedy strikes, he is forced to return home. It's here that he meets twenty-one year old Allison Johnson. The two soon fall deeply in love but when Ben is forced to return, he leaves Allison vowing to wait for him. Can their love truly survive despite the many miles between them? And what happens when Ben is thrown in the middle of the horrors of war?

I originally had this story rated as T but I eventually changed it to M, just to be on the safe side. I don't want people to think it's a bad story, but there is a couple of sexual scenes and torture scenes, but I promise, it's not bad at all. I'm only 17, I'm not going to write something horrible haha. I wouldn't write something I wouldn't want my parents to read because they're actually going to read this when I finish. So, please, don't judge this story based on the rating.

Anyway, this author's note is huge. And this story will be even bigger. I'm telling you upfront, it's going to be a long story. But I hope you stick it out with me! Anyway, enjoy my story! It's kind of based on the Dear John story, where the guy is in the Air Force and he comes home and meets the girl of his dreams and they struggle to be together. Like I said, it's based on the Dear John principle, but I promise, it's a totally different story. Wheww, anyway enjoy! And review! That way I know someone's actually reading this... :D


Ben and Dylan were still shocked about everything that had happened and that the two of them alone were being sent to finish the mission. The place they were going was in the mountains, about forty- five minutes away but, since time was of the essence, Ben flew as fast as the F-16 could go. Ben was flying and controlling the plane while Dylan was his co-pilot. They figured, as fast as they were going, they could be there in thirty minutes. While they were flying, they were radioing back and forth to each other- talking about what might happen and how dangerous it could become in an instant.

"You only have one more month left, don't you, Ben?"

"Not even; I only have two more weeks."

"What? That's it?" He nodded,

"Yep, just two weeks."

"That's crazy; you're not coming back are you? This is your last term, right?"

"Yeah, this is it."

"Man, I know you're excited." He laughed,

"Yeah, I can't wait, but now I'm just praying we stay safe on this mission; we're halfway there."

They continued to fly for about five more minutes and began to see the mountains appear in the distance. They flew for a couple of more minutes until, out of nowhere, four foreign planes came out from behind the mountains, headed straight towards them. Ben's heart sank to his stomach, as did Dylan's. They were both in shock and it wasn't until Dylan yelled at him that he swerved the plane to the left, trying to shake them. Dylan looked at him and yelled,

"What are you doing?!"

"We have to try and shake them! We can't be near the mountains or we'll crash!"

"But that's where our guy is!"

"I don't care where our guy is! I'm trying to keep us alive!" As soon as he yelled, he heard shots begin to fire. Dylan looked behind them, and then yelled,

"Ben, they're right on top of us! You've got to do something!"

Ben began to panic and he suddenly couldn't recall the training he had been through for cases like this. The four Iraqi planes were right behind them and they began firing again. Ben tried to dodge them and successfully shook off one of the planes, now leaving three. He continued to dodge them and they finally came out over a huge vacant field. The field stretched for hundreds of miles and he continued to try and shake the planes. Dylan was panicking and radioing the base, telling them that they were being followed and shot at by three Taliban planes.

After they had dodged the Taliban's bullets for almost twenty minutes, a round of them finally connected with the plane's engine. They heard a loud explosion behind them and they both yelled as the plane shook violently.

"Oh, God, this is it! This is it!"

"Dylan, shut up, we're going to get out of this!"

They then heard another loud explosion behind them as more shots from the Taliban were fired. This time, the plane started to rapidly descend and hurtle towards the ground. Ben's heart was in his stomach as he realized that they were going to crash with the plane hurtling towards the ground at 120 miles an hour. He closed his eyes as Dylan was radioing the base. The last things he thought of before they crashed were his father and Allison.

He woke up having no idea where he was. For the first few minutes, he had forgotten about everything that had happened. As he slowly started to come to, he remembered and looked around to see where he was.

He was in a huge field and, scattered all around him, were burning pieces of the plane. The biggest piece of the plane that was still together was ablaze and, only then, did he remember that Dylan had been with him. He looked around and didn't see him anywhere.

"Oh, God."

He tried to get up quickly but a surge of pain shot through his arm. He looked down at it and his sleeve was wet with blood and he saw a piece of shrapnel in his forearm. He hadn't even felt it because of the adrenaline running through him. He could feel it now and he prepared himself and held his breath as he grabbed the shrapnel by the edge and quickly pulled it out. He felt a surge of pain shoot through his whole arm and he screamed in pain as blood began to pour out. He tore off a piece of his other sleeve and wrapped it around the wound.

He then stood up and began looking for Dylan. There were pieces of the plane scattered everywhere and he yelled Dylan's name multiple times, but didn't hear any response. He went over to the largest piece of the plane, that had part of the cockpit still intact, but didn't see anything. He called Dylan's name again and this time, faintly, he heard his voice. It was off to his right and he started yelling his name again.

"Dylan, keep screaming so I can find you!"

He stopped for a minute to listen and he heard him yell again. He knew he was close and walked around a piece of the plane and finally saw him. He was lying near the piece of the plane and, as Ben neared him, he saw something that made him stop.

As he looked at Dylan he saw that a big piece of shrapnel was in his stomach. He leaned down beside him and saw that there was blood everywhere. Dylan was drifting in and out of consciousness and Ben focused on his face instead of the shrapnel. Ben squeezed his hand and he turned towards him. His face was bloody also.

"Hey, man, how are you doing?" Dylan just stared at him and then, faintly, said,

"I don't want to look at it." Ben looked away and Dylan asked, now crying,

"How bad is it, Ben?"


"How bad is it?" He asked again, grabbing Ben's arm. Ben looked at his stomach and saw all of the blood. Tears found their way to his eyes as he realized that Dylan wasn't going to make it. He looked back at Dylan,

"It's pretty bad, man." Dylan looked away and continued to cry as Ben took his hand,

"Look at me; you're going to be fine, all right? I'm going to go get help and we're going to come back and get you, okay? You're going to be fine." Dylan shook his head and then, for the first time, looked down at his stomach. He saw the shrapnel and immediately looked away and began crying harder. Ben looked away and Dylan grabbed his arm,

"Just go." Ben looked back at him,

"Dylan I'm not going to leave you, okay?" As soon as he said this, they heard foreign voices in the woods, less than a mile away.

"Shit." He heard Dylan whisper. Ben knew they were in trouble now. Dylan grabbed his arm again,

"Ben, go; I can't get up and I know i'm not going to make it. I'm not going to let you get killed. Please, just go!" Ben looked away and Dylan yelled,

"Go!" Ben grabbed his arm,

"I'm going to go get help, okay? You're going to be fine."

Dylan nodded and Ben gave him a quick hug, tears now in his eyes, as foreign voices got louder and tons of Taliban soldiers came out of the woods. They all saw the pieces of their plane and began screaming in Arabic. As much as he didn't want to, he let go of Dylan's hand and got up and started running towards the woods on the opposite side of where the Taliban were coming out of. The soldiers saw him stand up and run and they began to run after him while yelling to the other soldiers in Arabic. He then heard gunshots behind him and he ducked, continuing to run as fast as he could.

He finally reached the woods and he ran behind a tree to try and hide. He turned around for the first times since he had started running and he saw about ten soldiers huddling around where he knew Dylan's body was. He heard two gunshots and he knew Dylan was dead. There were about five or six other soldiers scattered around, looking, and he stood behind the tree until he saw them immediately begin to run in his direction. He didn't know why they had all suddenly started to run to him but he didn't stick around to find out.

He ran for about twenty minutes through the woods. He didn't know where he was going, but he continued to hear the Taliban's screaming behind him and that was enough to keep him running. He ran until he was out of breath and he found cover behind a huge boulder near a stream and tried to catch his breath. He could still hear the soldiers behind him, but their voices were far off. He put his hands on his knees and finally caught his breath. He was about to begin running again but he figured he'd try and peak around the side of the boulder to see if he could see any of them.

He tried to gather himself. He couldn't believe that this had happened and things had spiraled out of control so quickly. He didn't know what to think and he didn't know what he was going to do. He took a deep breath and thought of Allison and his father. He said a quick prayer, asking God to help him get through this, and peered around the side of the boulder.

It was starting to get darker now, though he couldn't say what time it was. When he peaked around the boulder, he could see beams from the soldiers' flashlights and saw that they were still a ways away from him. He took another deep breath and closed his eyes and turned back around, leaning his back up against the boulder. When he finally opened his eyes, he was staring down the barrel of a gun.

He didn't know what was happening but, as he looked around, he saw Taliban soldiers standing around him- their guns pointed straight at him. He looked back at the man that had his gun pointed at his face, thinking that he was going to shoot him any minute and that his life was going to be over.

He never believed it when people said that your whole life flashes before your eyes the moment before you die, but he was proven wrong at that second. His whole life did flash before eyes and he saw his mother and all of the wonderful things they ever did together. He also saw Jeff, Tyler, Ethan, Dylan and all of his fellow airforcemen that he knew he would never see again. He saw his father and all of the memories he had with him; their fishing trips and the time they spent together at the beach house. Finally, he saw Allison.

Their entire seven year relationship flashed before him and he saw the first time they met, the first time they kissed, their first major argument and the first time they shared themselves.

All of these things flashed before him and he felt a surge of peacefulness and happiness as he heard a man say something in Arabic. He heard a gun go off and he felt pain radiate through his leg and felt a rock slam over his head before he saw black.

Woah, what?! So, in case you're confused, the prologue is from a chapter that will come later in the story. The next chapter will go back to the beginning and tell everything that leads up to this moment. Confused? Don't blame you. Haha but I think it's a cool way to start the story. Hope you liked it! Please review! :)