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I simply fell for a simple person that sold her body with simplicity. It wasn't complex. Just take off your clothes and get the money.
Money was never a complication.
One would receive it and one would spend it.
It was that easy.

The dark alleys, always quit.. Mysterious. Dirt filled, Filthy, filled with rats, litter and old aged, obese men that are no richer in money than lust. Love is lost without lust. Then is lust lost without love?

I lost my mother due to an accident when I was 12. In grief, my father constantly mourned by coming home late in the darkest nights, intoxicated (ofcourse), and always attached to him a stunning woman. Held within the grasp of his hand. Caressed sexually, the expression on their faces was never of excitement.

The women were tall, slender, yellow skinned. Their complexion, breath taking the most and the structure of their sharp features was nothing like I'd ever seen. Could something yet so beautiful be so.. Dangerous?

No beauty could ever be equivalent to my mothers.
But could it have been the make up? A mask to hide themselves behind. Were they scared?
I just wanted to tell them to stay.. care. love..
Could it have changed them? I wonder what its like.

Telling a hooker she's beautiful.