The rest of 'Simple complexity' will be published as one whole story with help from Arastel (you should really check out her stories, they're awesome.) Enjoy.
GlitteR StuD

A Beginning

I could hear something ringing from the other room but I couldn't make out what the noise was, I forcefully opened an eyelid and rose from the bed like a corpse in a grave.
"Wh-What time is it?" I grabbed the alarm clock that sat on the bed side table.
"Seriously?.." I swung the blanket off my restless body as if it were a coffin; I wore my comfy house slippers, dragged my heavy body and shuffled my feet which caused friction against the floor. I tried to locate where the noise came from.
I sighed and picked up the phone.
"Do you know what time it is? Its 4am." I stressed the 'am' part.
My tone changed, anger washed over my usual calm, soothing voice.
"If this is some kind of prank, I'm gunna hunt you down you little bra-".
"Naya?" I was interrupted before I could finish.
"Naya, is that you?" I tried to make out the voice; it was deep. A husky, smokers' voice. It sounded so…familiar.
I sat down to stable myself, just to make sure that what was happening wasn't being imagined.
"Hello is anybody there?" I could hear eagerness in his voice.
"D-Dad?" I questioned the voice; the tears began to burn in the corner of my eyes.
"I miss you so much baby, I'm so sorry" His voice faded, I could pick up on his emotions so easily and it was obvious that he had been crying.
Despite what the man did, I have to admit I do miss him. I could just imagine the pain and regret he has to cope with everyday. He already lost his wife and failing to be a supportive parent could probably be the hardest thing to face when you wake up everyday to nothing.
"I miss you too, Dad" tears rolled down my face, it didn't matter anymore. Nothing did, the tears weren't tears of betrayal or hurt. None of that seemed to matter anymore.
"I'm not going to lose you again and I'm sorry that it took so long for me to realize this."
He paused
"I'm so sorry."
There are only so many things that I wanted to tell you, I used to close my eyes and imagine you standing there right in front of me, playing out the same scene a thousand times, repeating it over and over again. Exactly what I was going to say to you, what I was going to do, how it would have changed everything and whether or not things would go back to the way they were right after mom died, but all I really wanted to tell is that I- :
"I forgive you."
We remained talking on the phone for god knows how long, telling each other a piece of our hidden lives in turns, sympathizing, laughing, and crying.
"Alright kiddo, so Monday is good with you?"
"It sure is. Stop calling me kiddo dad, I'm 21."
He laughed and I laughed.
"Love you too, bye" I shut the telephone.
I guess sometimes, people fear forgiveness but maybe after having to runaway so many times you realize that if a person really cared for you they'll try whatever they can to reach out to you. Everyone takes the wrong path for the wrong reasons because of the wrong people but we can't always judge people by their biggest mistakes. I mean, who are we to judge?
We will always remain to mess up throughout our lives, we were functioned that way. We were also functioned to learn the differences between right or wrong. So, appreciate what you have before it's gone.


Friday, August 5th 2011.
Three more days, I thought.
I grabbed my jacket and made my way to Beth's apartment. I stared at the door, 12B it read.
I'm nervous and scared what if she's not home? I felt my heart pound in my chest, I knocked the door.
"Coming" her footsteps grew louder as she came closer to the door; she unlocked the door then unchained it.
When the door swung open, her fringe hung over her eyes, but her expressions were obvious and it seemed like she waited forever just to see me.
"Naya! Hey" she greeted me.
"Hey, Beth" I replied and smiled back. My smiles were rare and occasional, it was never given away so easily but when I looked at her it just made my pupils dilate to the size of a rabbit hole and my grin stretch from ear to ear.
"By any chance… are you busy today?" I bit down on my lower lip and hoped that she would agree to go out with me.
"Not at all" She smiled
"Alright then, get ready at 9. I'm taking you out tonight."
I made my way back to my apartment. I turned my head to get one last look at her and to my surprise she looked right into my eyes, we held our gaze for a few seconds.
"And wear something hot." I turned away and quietly laughed to myself.

I looked at the clock impatiently and waited for the big hand to point at the figure 9. I wore short shorts a white t-shirt and some cute sandals; I didn't want to put in enough effort just yet. I wonder what she's wearing, what she looks like, if she's happy right now. I wonder what its like to be the material that lies perfectly above her soft fragile skin. I tapped my foot against the wooden floor impatiently. I stood up.
I walked out the door and walked over to hers, as I was about to knock the green door. It swung open.
"Hello, Naya." Bethany greeted
Her chocolate like brown hair swirly at the tips, her sleeveless black top brought out the colour of her skin making her look paler than ever. The feature of her face seemed like a sculpture, the details were made from perfection. Everything was symmetrical.
"So..." you could sense happiness in her voice.
"Where are you taking me?" she bit down on her smooth lip.
"The movies" I smiled.

We walked out, she reached out for my hand and I held onto it tightly. I feared that I'd lose her. I stared at her but she didn't look back, it didn't matter. We reached our destination and she let go to pick up her phone.
"Hey… hang on" She put the person on hold.
"Naya would it be a hassle if Mychael joins us?" it only took my agreement in order for him to join us.
Ofcourse not, why on earth should he. Who is he anyways? I can treat you better; I can provide you with whatever you need. I'm growing these feelings for you that I didn't even know I was capable of growing. I- I think I'm falling for you, seriously Beth? How fucking blind are you?
"Sure." I said unenthusiastically.
I was hurt, destroyed, over whelmed. I couldn't imagine her with him, or…on him. It was about time for my tears to have strolled down my face.
"Naya says sure, see you soon! Bye" She hung up, then looked at me.
"Are you crying?" Confusion in her voice.
"No." I turned around
"I think I'm having an allergic reaction... I-I'm sorry. I have to go home."
I ran out before we entered the movie, I left her waiting but I didn't care.
I ran away, my tears dry as I fight against the air.
"Naya!" I heard her voice scream after me but that didn't stop me from the escape.
I reached home, sat on the floor and began to cry my eyes out. She was the only person that didn't hurt me; she was the only person alive that seemed like she cared.
The door opened, I remembered that I forgot to close it on the way in.
"Naya, what the hell?" She saw me in my state and her tone of voice had an edge of sympathy to it.
She sat next to me and placed her palms on the side of my cheeks, wiped away my tears and looked into my eyes.
"I-" I tried to talk but she interrupted.
"No, you stay quit. You've done enough damage." She said with a smirk on her face.
She placed her right hand on my left cheek and sighed.
"I've wanted to tell you something." She said hesitantly
"What about? Mychael? Your… boyfriend." I replied spitefully.
"Boyfriend?" she laughed.
"No. he's gay, Naya…" she paused "and so am I". She looked at me.
Before I could open my mouth to speak she pushed her cherry-bomb colored lips against mine and broke free before I had the chance to kiss her back. She attempted to rush out my apartment but I quickly grasped her by the wrist.
"And where do you think you're going?"
I shut the door quickly and pushed her against it. "You're not leaving." I teased her.
"Oh?" she giggled and stroked her icy finger gently across my collarbone.
I pushed my body against hers without hesitation, pinning her against the door. I placed my head in hair, inhaling her. I loved the aroma; it was a bloom mixture of garden Jasmine, Vanilla & fresh Tobacco.
"Are you smelli-"
I kissed her before she could continue; I kissed her with every edge of affection I had in me, my tongue entered her mouth with ease. She wrapped her arms above my shoulder and caressed the back of my neck with one hand; both of my hands were placed on her waist, steadily I pulled her body closer to mine to the point where there was no crack of air between us. She exhaled the air deeply on my neck as I caressed her restless body. The sensation of the moistness against my skin drove me right into the pits of insanity. I could feel my heart thump harder between the walls of my ribcage; I cringed as her hands make their way up and down my back, the blood underneath my cold skin boiled with temptation. I felt the nerves pulse beneath my skin as it pumped all these signals up to my brain, yet I wasn't conscious of what I was doing, I had no control over myself but she didn't mind.
She placed both her hands on my shoulder, jumped on me with her legs wrapped around my body, and kissed me over and over again; I felt her warm tongue pushing against mine. We continue to make out as I carried her weightless body over to the sofa. I slowly lay myself down; she remained over me and pressured my body down with her weight forcing her lips against my skin. My hands held onto the back of her thighs perfectly; I pressed her body down on me.
I parted from her; she looked down at me with her chocolate colored hair that swung over her face. I pushed it to the side and tucked it away behind her right ear. I looked into her deep, coffee colored, beady eyes, smiled at her as I placed my hand softly on her cheek then swiftly moved it to the back of her neck in an attempt to draw her face closer to mine. I shut my eyes and ended it the way it started.