Ivory Silk Whispers Against the Floor

I wobble in heels and my legs quiver.
I smell you behind me;
your scent of men's cologne, Axe-
mixed with female pheromones.
Who knew it could be such a deadly combination?

Your laughter echoes in the distance.
The timbre of your voice is deep,
raspy, and slightly husky.
It causes my hands to shake like
a junkie who needs her fix.

I glance behind my shoulder like a fawn
who can't distinguish predator from ally:
your silhouette in the distance;
a sharp relief in the bright lights
streaming through the doorway.
You are leading me to heaven, after-all.
Your face is in shadow, but I would
recognize you anywhere. (Reaper.)

You slink behind me like a stalking jaguar;
all sleek muscles and sensual hunter.
I lick my lips with a small, pink tongue.
Your fingers trace bare shoulder blade.
Breathing shallows and throat is dry.
You are the raw sex that I crave.

Your breath caresses my skin lightly.
I can't breathe;
my rabbit heart leaps only for you.