Chapter 1 What happened To Me

"Don't hurt her please! Take me instead!"

I could see the man dragging my best friend out of my living room and into the kitchen. Her blood was trailing from behind her across the carpet and she was screaming for help and there was nothing I could do.
I was strapped to a chair with rope and duct tape and I couldn't even move. I could barely breathe and I was starting to lose feeling in every place on my body.

"STOP PLEASE!" She screamed.


The man in all black punched Tammy right in the mouth and she fell to the ground. I could hear her moaning in so much pain and I could see the tears rushing down her face. There was blood all over her body, so many cuts and bruises. I wanted to grab her and run her out of her but there was nothing I could do. I was helpless…Completely helpless…

The man approached me and slapped me hard across my face. Then grabbed my throat with his cold bare hands and squeezed so I could barely breathe again. The white mask he wore covered his face but I could feel his heavy breathing on my face.

"Listen here you little bitch, if you don't shut the fuck up I'll fucking kill you!"

He then released my neck and punched me straight on the face. I could hear Tammy screaming at the man to leave me alone but he just kept going. Punch after punch, kick after kick and then he stabbed me. Straight on in the stomach with a hunting knife and twisted it so I screamed out in pain.

Then my site started to go and then everything went black….