Chapter 2: The News Blows

"Code Blue, Code Blue she's going into shock grab the paddles!"

I heard someone scream. I turned to my side and saw my best friend being jolted back to life again. Doctors and nurses surrounded her. I could barely see what was happening. Wait what the fuck happened to us. Why we're we in a hospital. I tried to sit up but a nurse turned around and restrained me to the bed.

"Shhh Robyn you are going to be fine, calm down." The lady said.

"Let go of me, Tammy are you okay? Is she okay! Someone talk to me please!" I screamed as I lashed out at the nurse.

A few more nurses then tried to restrain me and I then got a glimpse at Tammy. There was a tube coming out of her throat a needle in her arm controlling her blood. Then a tall figure blocked her. A tall figure with blue scrubs, he had to be one of the head doctors.

"Robyn your friend is fine. She just went into shock but she is going to be okay. Everyone move away from her please." The man said.

All the nurses stepped back at once. I finally had room to catch my breath, again. I then tired to sit up but the pain from me being stabbed was too much. So I stayed laying down and looked around watching all the nurses and the man in the scrubs stare at me. Where we're my parents? Hell where we're Tammy's parents?

"Robyn I'm Dr. King, right now you are at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. You arrived here just a few hours ago after you we're found in your home with your friend Tammy. You two we're hurt severely. The wound you have we we're able to repair, you will just need some rest. But your friend Tammy is going to need surgery again in a few hours because she had more damage inflected on her. Afterwards we are going to be running some tests to see if there are any other problems. Also we will run some tests on you in a few days. Just too make sure everything is fine."

"How did they even find us? What happened to that guy that attacked us?" I asked in a shaky tone.

"Neighbors' had heard screaming and called the cops, but by the time they got there the man was already gone. The cops will be here soon to ask you questions about what happened before the man attacked."

Happened? Holy shit I couldn't remember what had happened. I knew Tammy and me we're talking about something. Something really important about us, was it our friendship or something else? Fuck I couldn't remember!

"Where are our parents?" I asked.

"We ended up getting a hold of them; they said they'll be home from Europe soon. There flight was delayed a couple of hours."

Wait I remember that. Our parents we're on vacation for a couple weeks in Europe and they had left me and Tammy to have some adult fun. Well we we're 19 so it was nice to have some space. Especially because we we're still living at home.
"Can I even talk to Tammy?"

I looked over at her and it looked like she was sleeping. She wasn't moving and all I could hear was the machine monitoring her heart rate beeping.

"Right now you can not because she's under with a certain type of medication we gave her so we could put her into surgery. But afterwards when she wakes up, you will be able to." Replied Dr. King

"Dr. King maybe we should leave and give Robyn some rest. Plus I believe she would like some privacy with her friend." A nurse added in.

"Good idea. Robyn if you need anything or are feeling any pain just press the button you have near you on the night stand and someone will come in." Said Dr. King

I nodded my head and everyone left. I reached my hand across to grab Tammy's. I took a hold of her and just held it. I wasn't planning on letting go.

"Tammy, darling, god I am so sorry this is happening. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I'm sorry I let this happen, please wake up from this surgery I cannot lose you. You are everything to me Tammy. Gods from the heavens please help her wake up…"

I then burst out into tears. I couldn't bottle it anymore. They just came pouring out. I could barely see. I wanted to know why this happened to her. Why this happened to me. What happened before we we're even attacked. Fuck what was going to happen to her? What the fuck could I do to help her?

After an hour of crying I ended up falling asleep still with Tammy's hand in mine. When I woke up she was gone. Was she in surgery? I was about to press the button to call someone when the same nurse who had said early to give me time to rest walked in. She was a short lady. Probably late twenty's with short brown hair and green eyes.

"Hello Robyn, how are you feeling?" She said as she checked her clip board.

"I'm fine, where is Tammy? Is she in surgery?"

"Yes she is, and everything is going good. She should be out soon. Your parents had called and said they will be here tomorrow morning. That's the only time they could get a flight back here. Oh and also the cops will be here tomorrow morning as well. They decided they would give you a day to rest, so hopefully by tomorrow you can remember what happened."

"When am I being tested?"

"Probably early tomorrow morning, then you will talk to the officers and will find out if everything is going good."

"So you're saying there is a chance I'm not okay?"

"No Hun, I'm saying it's only for precautions. Don't worry I'm sure your fine."

The minute she said that, the rest of the nurses and Dr. King rolled Tammy into the room on her bed. The tube wasn't in her mouth anymore which meant she could breathe on her own.

"The surgery was a success, and she should be fine. We're going to monitor her very closely tonight and by the morning will run some more tests on her and you." Said Dr. King

"Thank you for helping her. I don't even know what I would do if I lost her."

"It's not a problem at all, it's my job Robyn and I care about all my patients."

He then left room with all the nurses. I then re took Tammy's hand in mine.

"Thank god your okay, I thought I was going to lose you. I love you so much Tammy."

I turned my head to her and her head was turned to me. As I watched her sleep, I had flash backs of all the amazing moments we had together. Then the horrifying image of her being beaten to death came to my mind. I then snapped back out of it and closed my eyes to fall asleep and I drifted off into a deep sleep. All I hoped was that tonight, I wasn't going to have any nightmares.