I'll miss you, you know?
I'll miss you so much.

How we used to
go sit on the back porch
and talk about life.

How we used to
argue about beliefs
and play with the dog.

How we used to
light up cigs together
and enjoy the breeze.

I'll miss watching the tv on mute,
and not even bothering to read the captions,
because we were talking about other things.

I'll miss the smiles, and the tight hugs.
and how you yelled at Murphy whenever he got inside,
but you let everyone pet him anyways.

I miss you already. I don't think I ever told you enough.
I miss you, and I love you, and I can't even say goodbye in person,
but I'll say it here, amidst the tears.

I love you. I miss you. Goodbye, Papa.