A/N: This is not meant to be an extremely superb poem. It is not meant to be something amazing. This is just a tribute to someone I lost who was very, very dear to me, who I miss more than I can possibly explain at this time and a little bit of insight as to how I am feeling at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


I think

Ignorance is truly bliss

I was much better off

Thinking that

Some other girl

Was in your arms

And you were in

Complete and undying love

With her

Than knowing

That you are six feet under

Somewhere in this filthy, corrupted world

My blood ran cold

When he told me

You were gone

The thought of you having been

Wiped off the face of the earth

Didn't quite faze me

The first time around

When I said I wanted you to come back

I needed you to come home

I needed you to be the light within my life again

I was met with a silent stare

His mute confirmation of the thing I feared most

The only thing I knew neither of us

Would ever be able to conquer

I've had

The realization

That death is irreversible



Death is forever

And always

As long and as lonely as eternity

And as cold and as numb

As your now dead heart

I sit here and wonder

Could I have stopped this

Could I have saved you

My love could I have been your light

Your light in the darkness that surrounded you

I guess we'll never really know

So as I sit here with the razor

In my trembling hands

And the tears within my swollen eyes

I think of you and your gorgeous smile

And the good memories that seem to be from a lifetime ago