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Defibrillation of a Star

Chapter 1: Desert P.O.S.

"You're going to stay with your Uncle Brett! No excuses!" my dad said pointing at me.

"The hell!" I screamed.

"Watch your tone!" My mother said shaking her finger at me, "And your mouth!"

"Oh like it ever mattered!" I said rolling my hazel eyes.

"It does matter," he began, "especially after the Mustang Incident..."

"Omigod, dad! That was 1 week ago and it was only one car in the pool, two naked strippers and one night in jail, and I got off scott free, it could've been way worse!"

They both gave me stern glares, "Okay, so it couldn't have been worse, but take away my summer! Seriously!" I said.

"Yes, seriously. You're staying with your Uncle Brett and you're getting a job there." he said sternly.
I gawked, "Seriously, he doesn't even have a house just an RV at that crappy rest stop. That shit's not even half-star!"
"Language!" my mother snapped.

"Whatever. Fuck both of you." I sighed
"Jason Harold Palmer!" my parents said in semi-unison.
"Yes?" I replied sarcastically.

"Ugh! Unbelievable!" he said looking down at his Rolex, "It's 8:52. Go upstairs and pack your things. And one week of clothing, not your whole fucking wardrobe." my father said.

"Ooh, bad words." I chimed sarcastically.
"While you're down here you can give us your phone." my mother said. I turned sharply.

You can take my summer, my freedom, and my endless supply of cute clothes, but I refuse to let you take Francesca. My phone, Francesca, would be my only connection to society. I thought fast, how was I going to keep her...Got it.

"How am I gonna keep in touch?" I asked.

"You know he has a phone." my father began.
"That doesn't work." I replied.

We stared each other down for a while until my father sighed, "Okay bout you're only to call me, your mother and one friend! Pick." he said.

I stared in awe, "What!" I shrieked.

"One friend or no friend." My mother said.

I sighed, who's one person whose number I know...oh bingo, that's a good choice, "Caroline." I said.
"Fine. Delete the rest." he said reaching in my pocket and taking my phone. I took my phone and started deleting my contacts.

"I wanna see it." he said.

"Ugh, fine you Nazi." I said and deleted the numbers while he watched me.
"Good." he said a little satisfied, "now go pack your stuff and get in bed, we're leaving at 6 AM, tomorrow."

- Okay, so it couldn't have been worse -

"You're fucking up the plan!" Cary said into my ear.
I sighed, "It's not my fault they're fucking crazy all of a sudden." I said into my phone as I packed my pink Polo.

"Damn it, Jasey, you were supposed to supply the fly-ass car." she whined.

"Ew. Don't whine, it makes you sound too needy." I said.

"Well I am in need since the car dealer's son can't get me a car!" she said.

I groaned, well too bad bitch, the car dealer's son has been disowned."

She sighed, "This was supposed to be the Best Summer Ever and now they're shipping you off to the desert!" she groaned.

"It's only Arizona." I said trying to reassure myself things were going to be okay.

"Yeah the middle of nowhere in Arizona." she reminded me.
"Oh you're right! No clothes, no parties, no boys, no So Cal sun, no anything!" I cried.

"Just sand...Lots and lots of deserty sand." she said slowly.

I sat on my bag, "Well at least I have you." I said smooching her through the phone.

"Of course! What would you do without your fag hag?" she asked me.
"I'd die of lack of female love." I said dramatically
"And don't you forget it." she said.

It was silent for a second, "You know we made the paper right." she said, it's almost like I could hear her smiling.

"Seriously?" I said laying down on my bed.

"Hell yeah, listen, Real Estate Mogul and Car Dealer Mogul's Children Wreak Havoc on an Unsuspecting Saturday Night." she read trying not to laugh.

"Holy shit seriously!" I said through laughter.
It was quiet for a while after we laughed, "Well, gotta go, kiss, kiss my love." I said into the phone.

"Kiss, kiss, see you never, slut." she said jokingly.

"Whatever." I chuckled and hung up.

Wow, I can't believe I haven't introduced myself yet. Hello, my name is Jason Harold Palmer, son of car dealer tycoon Henry Palmer and home maker to the stars Stacey Palmer. As you can see I've just been exiled by my parents to Arizona to live with my not so successful Uncle, Brett Palmer owner of an abandoned, not really, motel/rest stop and a shitty RV. I've been forced to get a job there after the infamous "Mustang Incident."
I was just talking to my best friend Caroline Winter, daughter of Cali-Castle real estate mogul Drake Winter. And believe it or not she keeps me grounded, I don't know what I'd do without her. But last Saturday I think I could've done without her. Then I wouldn't be in this shit.

Damn peer pressure.

So here I am, packing my bags at...9:16 at night, getting ready to throw my life and soul away to my Uncle and his sleazy motel.

There was no way that this could get worse.

Yeah. So apparently it could get worse, a lotworse. I looked out the window at the desolate scene in front of me. So here's the deal. Imagine you're in a forest, a lush, green forest filled with birds, deer, a glorious running river with a bountiful amount of fish and that evergreen smell that just takes you to nirvana.

Now blow that shit up with a nuke and add a crappy Motel. And that'swhere I am.

"Oh, fuck." I mumbled under my breath, "This isn't it, isn't it?" I asked my father. He nodded with a deviant smile.

Oh that bitch. I looked around and to the left of the motel and to the right was a gas station/ car repair shop and a sign that read, The Blue Desert Star. I snorted more like The White Barren Piece of Shit in the Middle of the Desert.

"We're here, now get out so we can go say hey to your Uncle Brett." He said giddily as he got out the car. I stepped out of the passenger side and looked at the scene in front of me.

"You've got to be shitting me. I'm gonna be working, no, livinghere the entire summer?" I said as we walked to the door.

"Yep." My father responded.

"No friends?" I said.


"No parties?"


"No fun?"

"That's the idea."

"Oh this is just great," I said sarcastically, "What the hell am I gonna be doing anyways." I said as we walked into the motel.

"There's my new maid." my uncle said, his voice obviously displaying that he smoked.

"This is...this is just great! NOT! A maid seriously dad?" I asked.

He smiled, "Yes, I figured you're good at keeping things neat, so you could do this job."

Yeah, I'll admit, I'm a bit of a neat freak, but only for my stuff. Everyone else can suck it. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm sorry," I said turning from my father, "Hi Uncle Brett, how are you?" I said trying to hide the vehemence in my voice.

"Doin' fine kiddo, the economy's rough and all but that's just the usual shit." he said pulling a cigarette out his pocket. I fake smiled and tossed my hair out of my eyes. There was a moment of awkward staring when my dad cleared his throat.

"Jason, go get your stuff while I talk to your uncle." he said.

"Yeah, sure, why hide 'grown up talk' from me now, you already fucked up my childhood." I mumble and walk outside. I opened the car door when I looked up and across the street. A man was sitting in a lawn chair drinking a beer. He looked across the street at me, his brown and gray mustache peeking up above the magazine he was reading.

He was probably one of those pervy old guys with no life. I rolled my eyes, got my bags and went back inside. I dropped my bag on the floor and looked over to my dad and Uncle Brett talking in hushed tones. Fun fact for the day, my dad reallyhates the fact that I'm gay...like really hates it. But does it look like I give a fuck? Exactly.

"Yeah, so what is my first job!" I asked cutting into their conversation about my sexual orientation.

My uncle Brett snapped out of the conversation and looked at me in surprise, "Oh! Yeah! Kid, there's a room that needs cleaning." he reached under his desk and produced a pair of tarnished keys and tossed them at me. I fumbled for the keys as he chuckled in his hoarse voice.

"You just can't catch can ya, boy?" he said. I glared and swung the keys around my finger, "Room 320." he said as I walked out of the front desk office. I shook my brown bangs out of my face and walked up the stair. I arrived on the floor, the door was halfway open. I peered inside to see a Native American woman plugging up a vacuum.

"Oh!" she said turning around like she could sense my presence, "You must be Jason." She said holding out her hand.

I walked toward and shook her hand, "Yeah that's me," I said nervously, the air began to dominate our conversation, "And you are?" I asked her.

"Lenmana." She said, "But most people call me Len." She said. I raised my eyebrow and nodded.

"So, um, Lenmana, I mean, Len, is there-is there anything I can do while I'm here." I said ruffling my auburn colored hair.

She looked up and pondered for a second, "No, not really. Just watch, you'll be doing this tomorrow." She said and continued to vacuum. I looked around the room.

Yeah, general no-star quality. Crappy night stands, lights that are really 1960's, a really old TV that should take a walk back to the 1980's and a few odd, 'how did you get there…never mind' stains. The only thing that could've made it worse was a disgusting smell emitting from a dying organism.

"Okay." I said absent mindedly. I started to sit on the bed until I saw a dark spot on it. I slowly eased myself back up and walked back outside to the truck stop section of the Motel. I sat on the curb there as I watched the occasional car or truck pass by, seamlessly passing this hole in the wall, or crappy desert, shall I say. I sighed and pulled out my phone.

"No fucking service, of course." I groaned. I stood up and started to walk around. Unfortunately there was no service at a higher level. What should have been me giving up turned into an all-out war for phone coverage in this desolate wasteland. I walked all over the motel and rest stop looking for some portion of service. I looked in one of the rooms.

"Damn it."

And in the parking lot again,

"Damn it."

And of course on top of my uncle's car,

"Fucking damn it!"

And so my long walk to find service began. It started off as a few yards and then a few yards turned into a few hundred yards and then, BAM! All of a sudden I can't see the motel anymore, just great. To top it all off, my batteries about to die. Just. Fucking. Great!

Again, not!

As I walked aimlessly around the desert I finally got some service.

"Fuck yeah! Two bars!" I said flinging my hair around.

I tapped the front of my HTC Trophy and dialed Carrie, the phone rang and I prayed to God, she'd pick up, "Hey pretty boy." She said in a non-chalant tone.

"Can you do me a favor, do you love me, can you do me a favor?" I asked her.

"Mhm, sure." She asked.

"Kill me." I began, "Strangle me, shoot me, run me over, whatever it takes, I'M IN HELL!" I yelled in the middle of the desert.

"Boooooo! Let Christopher Titus do it." She said.

"Worth a shot." I shrugged, "But seriously Care, this place sucks giant gorilla donkey balls."

"Aw, dude I wish I could come see you, my dad said I can get a car if I'm good." She said optimistically.

"Aka, you're getting a car." I stated flatly.

"Ding, ding, ding, correct!" she chimed, "But not till late July."

"Aw, wha?" I whined.

"Yeah so you're gonna have to wait." She said.

"Fah! Whatever ho', I guess I'm fine since I have my phone." And at that moment the world wanted to remind me of my situation.

My phone chimed and beeped, "You have 5% battery power left."

"Fucking damn it." I curse into my phone, "My phones about to die." I say with no enthusiasm.

"Damn your life sucks." She said.

"Tell me about it. Well bye, guess I'll talk to you whenever." I complained.

"Guess, so, and cheer up, it's not like you're never coming ba–" she began.

My phone vibrated and chimed, and guess what, POWER DOWN! What the fuck. I looked at my surroundings and I realized…I was in the middle of nowhere.

"Fuck!" I screamed.

If the days continued like this I think I really might end up killing myself.

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