Grades are over

Until next fall

No stupid teachers

Idiots or know-it-alls

No homework assignments

No projects no quizzes

No equations or algorithms

No tests to freak out for

Yeah I'm free for the summer

Gonna kick back

Forget the 10 months of school

I'm done I passed

This summer has started

So let me relax

Cause there are 2 whole months

Before I go back

The hell hole they call school

Is out so I'm hanging by the pool

Summer Reading is thrown to the side

Cause there is plenty of time

Kick with friends hang at the beach

Cause there is time for you

To do what you want

I just have a feeling this summer will rock

No summer projects

So get down in the sand

Take this time to find

Yourself a boyfriend

Know that no matter

What happens in the fall

You still had the greatest

Summer of all