Tall dark buildings and a black street, running, running, running as fast as I can people I don't quite remember running after me. My breath hard, Why is it so quite here. I look up and see just dark, no stars no moon. Street light barely light up the street, I look left and I look right. I can't keep running, why I am running. Why can't I remember anything, my name, my age, my hair color or my eye color? Why am I afraid? An alley way came up and I turned and back down it. The people behind me dressed in all white, while I'm dressed in a white dress that fades to back or vice versa.

Suddenly an arm reaches around me, I gasp, and a hand covers my mouth. Holding me more tightly than a friend, the breath in my ear makes me shiver.

"Please, don't forget me." He pleads softly. Questioning who he was? His grip let up and I escaped when I whip lashed around to face him, he was missing. I looked around. I took a couple steps. Then I got uneasy feeling in my stomach. I got dizzy then suddenly I was falling into a white light. Black turned in to gray, and then gray turned into white. I passed out.

I sunk into the blankets of warmness around me, slowly coming into the world. The warmth of the sun hitting my exposed legs, sounds of footsteps approaching. I groaned as my alarm clock went off. I forgot to turn that thing off last night. This first day of summer is begging to look gloom.

"Sis, get up. Mom wants you." My older brother said quit loudly. I groaned and throw a pillow at him. In which he returned the favor. "Seriously." He remarked.

I flipped the blankets off and got out of bed. "Get out, so I can change." He followed my orders and shut the door. I changed quickly and looked out my window. From here I can look directly into the neighbors' window and see the front yard. Oh, that's right, the new neighbors move in today. I ran down the stairs quickly.

"Good, you got dressed and groomed rather quickly." I shook my head at her. I was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. My hair pulled back in a tight high pony tail. "Well, I want you to go give this gift to the new neighbors for me, I'm about to be late for work." She gave me and evil grin.

"What are you up to now mother?"

"Nothing." She smiled and left for work.

"God damn it." I said out loud, right when my dad and brother walked in.

"Watch you langue." My brother said. I don't think I've seen my dad laugh that hard in years. I smiled.

"Well, when did you get mature?" I said then left with the basket with laughter behind.

I slowly walked down the steps and across the yard to the bushes that separated the property line. I saw no one working on getting things moved into the house and no car, just scattered chairs and other furniture.

"Hello?" I asked loudly. In response I got a loud bang and a couple unidentified curse words. I simply giggled. Then I saw head poke out. I waved at it. The head disappeared and then reappeared with a whole body. He was boy about my age. Tall, pale, and handsome, with light brown hair that was slightly above his bright blue eyes, shagged and a bit messed up.

"Hey." He replied walking over to me.

"My mother wanted me to give this, to you I presume." I slightly leaned a bit offering him the basket, he smiled. He had straight white teeth, but his grin almost was sinister, yet still inviting and warm. I smiled back at him as he took the basket from my hands. I now realized what my mother had done.

"Thank you. I will let my parents know where it came from." He paused for a minute, in awkward silence we stood there. "Do you think you could help me?" He asked quietly, and nervously.

"With what?"

"Well, I have to move in some of this furniture, I think I will need some help lifting."

"I would love to help."

I was hiding again. We didn't belong here, that is what my mother said repeatedly. We had to keep moving from place to place. Dancing around the authority that didn't just enforce the law but made up new laws to suit their needs at the time, none of the rules stuck not in the land of dark. So dark there weren't even stars, you could only see by the dim lighted street lights. No way to tell if it was night or day anyways.

I am ten years old, living in farthest, oldest, cheapest, apartments in the land of dark. I played just outside the door, something I needed. I wasn't allowed outside. A boy walks in from the other side slowly, dangerously. I stared at him. I knew what he was. He was a double. His mom a vampire, his dad on the other hand was a darkener. Darkeners could walk in the light. They traveled the earth enforcing darkness to bring good in human life. He lived with his mother, a bloodsucker. He told me he was a bastard son and he couldn't live with his dad, or he would be punished by mixing his blood with a vampire. In this world you either had children with your own kind or you die. I told him. I don't know what my parents are. He looked at me strangely and smiled. I lost my train of thought when he sat next to me and started to play. I lost so much thought I started to forget things. I felt dizzy. Suddenly I was falling from black to gray, from gray to white. Then I passed out.

I woke up sweating and nervous, like I had a bad dream. I was breathing heavily, so much I thought someone else was in the room with me. I quickly gathered up and rushed to be the first in the shower. What time is it?

I looked at the bathroom clock, 7:30 a.m., Why am I up so early?

I took a quick shower. When I stepped up, my mom was standing there.

"God!" I yelled and quickly covered up.

"So, who was that girl Odin?" She stared me down. I need to lock the door more often.

I looked around the room nervously. "Uh, just the neighbor, she brought of the basket of goodies." She nodded and left the room. I've fooled these people with false memories and feelings for me. Just because I knew that they were moving close to her. I needed to be close to her. I kept my real name so I wouldn't forget anything. I sighed. It's been a whole year since the head of the lighteners wiped her mind. I got ready for the day. The moving in project wasn't done yet. I looked at myself in the mirror, all I could see was my eyes, and they were of pure blood red. I blinked to make it go away.

Downstairs they had already started without me. I helped here and there but I mostly sat outside to wait. I needed to become close to her once again. I had to start all over; I had to make her believe all over again, what she was, the most dangerous double ever known.

I woke up around eight and just laid in bed for most of the day, thinking about random things. I got up and looked out my window and saw Odin. He was in the front yard, basically just helping thing be moved in and not arranged, or unpacking. He got the room directly a crossed from mine. My dad will now make me get extra thick curtains, I think.

After a cool shower and breakfast I headed outside. I thought I keep Odin, company something about him seems lonely, and cruel. Yet I feel like he is also sweet and wants only the best for people in his life. His smile is what through me off. If I keep thinking about this I might as well go insane.

"Hey! Ash, what are you up to?" Odin interrupted my thoughts.

"Nothing just thought you might want some company." He nodded in agreement and I walked around the bushed to his side. We spent the rest of the day talking, and helping his parents. When my mom and dad arrived back from work, my dad gave him and evil look, while my mom was over flowed with joy that I hit it off with the new boy.

"I think it's time for me to go." I said.

"I think you should stay." He said it like it was supposed to make me stay. I looked at him. He smiled, and just tapped my shoulder lightly with his hand.

"Opinions will be opinions." I smiled and walked away.