Act 1

The characters for Act one are: Bea and Man/Woman. Bea is an overweight girl aged between 17-20. Man/Woman can be any age. In this play, it's going to be Man.

Lights come on. Bea is inside a bathroom, staring inside of a mirror. Bea is a very overweight girl, and has a constant frown on her face.

Bea: (talking to the mirror) My God…have I really come this far? Have I really come this far without killing myself? (lifts up shirt to reveal cut marks on stomach) I think it's time for another. (slowly lifts head back up to face mirror. Has pained look on her face) My God…why can't I just be skinny?

(A hand firmly grabs Bea's shoulder. Bea does not seem to notice, as she keeps staring into the mirror. Soon, Man leans forward to reveal face)

Man: It's just always so hard, isn't it? Living a life where you're absolutely hideous. (Man takes hand and slowly runs in down Bea's face) Not only on the inside….but the outside as well.

Bea: I didn't think I was so bad on the inside.

Man: You think you're a good person? You constantly feel depressed. You have caused your family to spend so much on helping you and your completely selfish thoughts and actions. (Man fingers Bea's belly over her shirt) Completely selfish.

Bea: I deserved it.

Man: (smiles) But of course. (walks from behind Bea and sits on the sink of the bathroom) And let me guess. You want to be thin, and you want to be thin now. You want to be beautiful, and skinny is beautiful. You know this. But you don't feel like exercising.

Bea: I do exercise now. But today was only the first day of many to come. But I looked so pathetic, so fat, so ugly, so…stupid. They were all staring at me…I just knew it.

(Man just smiles and nods)

Bea: And I know exercising and eating healthier is vital…but I see so many people, so beautiful…and they can eat anything and everything and get away with it. And then look at me. (looks over at Man, voice quivering) Look at me.

Man: This doesn't happen overnight. It takes a while to be beautiful.

Bea: Yeah. But I don't want it to.

Man: I know of a quicker way.

Bea: Whatever you're going to tell me, I've already tried.

Man: Even, you know….(put his finger slowly in his mouth and gags)

Bea: …..I have a couple times…but it was so gross, and painful. And I am against that completely.

Man: You have to give it a chance. It works. It really does.

Bea: But I hated it. It hurt.

Man: How much did you eat today, Bea?

Bea: What?

Man: That yogurt you ate…you had two bowls, not one. But people stared at you while you chose it. (stands up and walks towards her) Oh yes, they were judging you. Did you really need two bowls, Bea?

Bea: I went to the gym…

Man: I couldn't tell the difference. And you probably can't feel the difference. Am I correct?

Bea: Besides being sore.

Man: ( in condescending tone) Seriously?

(Bea looks away from mirror and stares at Man) What do you want me to do?

Man: What you want to do.

Bea: I don't know what I want to do, besides me thin. Very thin. So thin that everyone will like me. So thin that everyone will treat me with respect, and won't look at me as the fat girl anymore.

Man: The fat, ugly girl.

Bea: I stand corrected, I guess.

(Man is now right by Bea. He strokes her face again)

Man: It's your fault you got this way. And I mean that with the upmost respect. But if you try it…and not just once, but other days as well…you'll feel better.

Bea: Beauty is pain?

Man: But of course.

Bea: (looks over at toilet) I'm not…I'm not even sure what to do…

Man: Just one step at a time. We all start with a little.

Bea: ….Okay. (walks over to direction where toilet presumably is. Toilet is not shown on stage, so only man is seen. It remains that way for 2 minutes, while the Man looks into the audience and smiles. Bea finally returns walking very slowly, red eyed and wiping her nose)

Man: Do you feel better?

(Bea says nothing)

Man: I know it feels bad now. (stands behind Bea and wraps his arms around her) But it's going to make you feel all so good later. You're going to get so much respect. You'll be looked at. They are going to love you…they are going to love beautiful Bea. Now isn't that what you want? Don't you already feel empty of that nonsense? Doesn't it just make you want to smile?

(Bea looks into the audience.)

Man: Don't you feel good?

(Bea continues to stare into the audience as Man tightens his grip around her)

Bea: Who are you?

Man: (smoothly) I'm your best friend. Now answer me. Don't you feel good?

(Bea, still looking into the audience, slowly begins to smile. Lights go out)

End Act 1