A Shattered Heart and a Broken Soul

I didn't think anything bad would happen when he invited me for a walk in the park. I was wrong. What he did broke my heart and soul completely.

He asked me to walk with him along the park near my apartment. I told him to wait for a few minutes to get my coat. Afterwards, we headed out. We walked slowly. There was an awkward silence between us which never happened before. We didn't hold hands and he had a pained look on his face. His eyes were full of sadness and I instantly knew why.

"You don't love me anymore" I said. It wasn't a question, it was a statement. He stopped abruptly and looked at me with wide eyes.

"H-how did you find out?" he said. My heart instantly shattered into pieces when he confirmed it. All of my worst nightmares were coming true. He didn't love me anymore. He was going to leave me.

"I'm sorry. I just can't do this anymore. I just can't. I'm sorry. You're a wonderful girl, but you're not the one for me." He said in a voice merely above a whisper

Tears began falling down my face. I couldn't talk, but I knew I had to. I had to ask one important question. I forced myself to talk.

"Did you ever, even just a little bit, loved me?" I asked, my voice broke but I couldn't help it. This was too much.

He looked me in the eyes and said "Yes. I did love you. But my love for you faded. You just have to move on. I know you're strong. Just imagine I was never a part of your life. Please, just forget. Forget about me. And I'll forget about you in return." He said in a strained voice. This must be hard for him too.

Those words. Those words cut through me and I felt dead. Could he possibly think that I'll forget him that easily? That I'll forget every kiss, every touch, every moment we had? Could he possibly think it was that easy to live as if he never existed? He couldn't possibly think that! But I know, no matter what I do, it's over. We're over.

"I'll try. I'll try to move on. Just promise me one thing." I said

"What do you want?" he asked in a strained voice

"Be happy. Don't let this ruin your life like it will ruin mine. I know I won't be happy for a long time but please, promise me you will." I said not looking at him.

"I promise" he said

I nodded and began to walk away when he suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me close to his body in a hug. I cried even harder. Was he trying to kill me? I no longer wanted to touch him since he was no longer mine, and yet he did this. After a few seconds, he let go of me and whispered

"Please, try to be happy after this." And with that, he walked away.

I fell to the ground, hugging my knees and burying my head in my hands. He was gone.

He was no longer mine. He walked out of my life. He left me, broken and shattered. I'll never see him again. The worst part? He took my heart and soul with him when he walked away.

He said that I should try to be happy after this. I can't. I know, no matter what I do, I'll never be happy again. He was my life, my happiness, my love. And now, he was gone.

And I'll never have him again.