It was two in the morning and Naomi still couldn't sleep.

It'd been like this for awhile now, ever since her brother brought her to this place and she'd ended up getting shot. Since the Guardians cornered her in the cells before making off with Kyrie Trent and told her that she would have a destiny.

Another half hour, she threw the covers off and turned on the light. Why was she bothering herself over this? For all she knew, the Guardians were lying. Not even David knew anything about this supposed Destiny that she'd be facing, so maybe it was just something to distract her when they kidnapped Kyrie.

She looked around the room, yet another night of insomnia and nothing to do. She wished that she picked the room with the window so she would have nothing to look at the boring ceiling.

And she really needed to paint.

Fear and questions about her destiny weren't the only things that were bothering her, the other day Able showed a small news article online that said she was missing and the people in her town were combing the nearby woods for her body. It just continued to serve as a reminder of the things she'd lost and made her long for the friends that were supposed to be looking for her.

She was hungry but she didn't want to leave her room because Jane was out there and she'd be curious as to why Naomi was awake. Jane never slept unless it was daytime. She thought that the night made them all vulnerable because none of them could see in the dark except for her. If Joseph wasn't careful, then Jane would take his place as the protector of the group.

Naomi sighed when she thought about her brother, her relationship with him wasn't faring any better than when he brought her here. They hardly ever spoke to each other. She didn't like the person he used to be and she wasn't sure that she liked or could connect with the overprotective, short-tempered man that he'd turned into.

Someone opened her door and she turned around. Jane stood in the doorway and tilted her head like a curious puppy, "You're supposed to be asleep. Are you alright?"

Didn't anyone knock in this place? "I'm fine, not every human can sleep at night. What is it that you need?"

"David wants us all in the lobby. He thinks he might've found a job for us to do."

Naomi scoffed, "Lot of good I'll be, I can still hardly walk."

"He said everyone had to be there," she shrugged, "Get dressed and let's go."