Dead in the head

The sweet whisper of death search's through my thoughts
and hearing your demon makes my heart feel so high
even when you scream, it's a miracle your somehow here
but when someone sticks a gun to your head, I'll be there to delete them dead
we can stitch ourselves together and never be apart
so if we get lost in this world of dead living things, I'll only see you
you made that your all that I'll ever need just by protecting me under your wings
remember your whisper will always roam through my head, even when you're dead
yet will these words pull me through life's constant rotation
we don't want to be fooled and that's why humans are very foolish
standing by your side i knew one day it'll disappear
wait you say, just don't stand there lose guard and pretend to die
if you do your face is constantly surrounding my head, because your not meant to be dead
is this some sort of way to be reborn, or finally be free
your always in my head even when I'm now dead...