A Home of a Fairy

A home of a Fairy, is hidden far away

Deep in the meadows where the deer play

When the wind blows, the magic comes too,

It finds the good inside of you

Be very careful, walking on the trail

Do not hurt the Fairies, so tiny and frail.

Their wings beat soft, like the thrum of a dove

At night they flee to the stars above

You can never see them, they are much too small

So pass on their stories to one and all.

A home of a Fairy, is hidden far away

In a beautiful place, called Shimmer Rock Bay

The towns and the cities are deep in the woods

Concealed but not gone, like a Fairy land should.

When you are asleep the Fairies awake

To dance in the shadows of a silver lake

In day time they are unseen, masked by the sun

But a ripple of water means you've found one

They will not leave, they will always stay

In a home all their own, hidden far away.