"Do you see anything?" Dômôko Senshi looked up from the blue bowl of water in her lap to glare at her friend. Sitting across the floor was Petika Ryuojosama, also with a bowl of water.

"Not with you talking," she replied.

They were in Petika's bedroom, wasting the cool autumn day inside. Petika, who had taken a sudden interest in witchcraft and all things occult, had convinced Dômôko to try a divination method she had read about.

"If you stare into water and think nothing," she had said, "You can see your past, present, and future."

Dômôko stood up, placing her bowl on Petika's desk. "I declare my inner eye blind. Tell me if you see anything."


Dômôko left the room, closing the door behind her.

Petika brushed back her wavy brown hair from her face and resumed trying to completely clear her mind.

Several minutes passed. She tried focusing on her reflection to keep her mind from wandering.

Suddenly the water rippled. Was it because she had moved? No, it couldn't have been, because it kept swirling around and around, faster and faster. Her reflection distorted with the water, transforming into a new image entirely. It appeared to be a palace, high up on a hill. A girl stood in front of it, her long hair covering her face. She and the castle quickly disappeared, replaced by a new image. It was a hand, reaching out from between bars, like a jail cell.

That scene too quickly faded. Petika now felt that she was in the world reflected in the water, floating along with the current. In front of her appeared a large creature- was it a dragon? She stared at the creature's spined back, its large, bat-like wings. It folded its wings and turned its head to return her gaze.

She was jolted out of the vision, the water bowl thrown from her lap and spilling its contents across her wooden floor.


"Lady Kaigara!" A man's voice broke the stillness of the air in a small village, tucked deep in the forest. "Lady Kaigara, come quick!"

From a small wooden hut identical to every other building in the village ran a young woman. She was dressed in all white robes, the mark of her place as a priestess. Her black hair was tied up in a bun on top of her head.

Lady Kaigara followed the men who had called for her out of the village to the fields. They led her to a section which they were expanding, in order to have more ground for growing their crop.

"Look at what we've uncovered!" they exclaimed. "It's big enough to hold a dragon."

Kaigara nodded. "I shall purify it, and then you may remove the coffin."

She pulled out a piece of cloth with an incantation painted on it. She muttered a few words, and the cloth began to emit a bright glow. She slapped it onto the top of the ancient coffin. She and the village men watched as the light slowly faded, and the ink bubbled and ran of the cloth in grotesque black streams.

"It rejects the spell?" Kaigara exclaimed. The coffin's stone lid cracked.

With a blinding flash the coffin exploded, sending stone pieces flying in every direction. Kaigara was thrown to the ground from the force.

She recovered in time to look up into the sky as a ball of light, like a shining star rose up and up into the clouds and was gone.