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Chapter Three: The Prince

I was happily playing video games in the castle rec room with my best friends, Gregory Ferrell, Tony Slater, and Claude Johnson when my phone buzzed in my pocket. I looked at the caller id and saw it was my mother. Ugh. She's probably calling to tell me about what she calls 'marriage problems'.

"Hello?" I ask my mother.

"Connor, I would like you to please come and see your father and I in the throne room. We have a very important matter to discuss," she says with excitement in her voice.

"Okay. I'll be right there," I say tiredly. "Hey guys, my mom is calling me so I have to go. See you later," I say to Tony, Greg, and John as they are arguing about which video game is better, Call of Duty or Halo.

They are all sons of some of the dukes in the kingdom. Tony is the son of Scott, my real father's brother, and Greg is the son of Travis, another duke. John is the son of Kenneth, my dad's, best friend's, son. Greg is a freak of/about nature, literally. He is jittery and nervous around girls, but completely fine around us guys. He has curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is all about protecting the environment, while Tony is the complete opposite. We all like to call him Emo because of how much black he wears and how black his hair and eyes are, but he denies it. John is a really buff and strong Latino boy who all the girls swoon over at his school, Joulstone High. Although, once you get to know him, he's a big softie at heart.

All of them go to the same high school and I wish I could too. What shocks me most is that they all have girlfriends, not that they're not capable of getting girls. Greg met this pretty environmental freak like him named Lauren Woods, Tony met a fierce girl who also wears all black named Natalie Bridges, and John has been crushing on this hot girl named Kassandra Greene. Since I broke up with Charlotte, I am officially the single guy of our group

I walk throughout the magnificent halls of our castle filled with different colors of blues, greens, purples, red, oranges, and yellows. There are curtains hanging from every window that are so high I can't see the end of them. The familiar, specifically carved wood door comes into view that opens up to the throne room. I push open the heavy door and see my mother and father on their thrones with a look of anticipation on their faces.

"Mom, dad," I greet them with a smile.

"Hello Connor. We have some exciting news to share with you," says my step-father.

"Well um, what is it?" I ask.

"Since you have broken up with Princess Charlotte, which I thought was a very suitable match for you if I may say so myself," I roll my eyes at that comment, "We have decided to take matters in our hands to find you a wonderful bride," says my mother while she adjusts her crown on her head.

"That's sounds fi- wait, did you say bride?" I say with a look of shock on my face.

"Yes Connor. Your mother has come up with the idea of taking all eligible young ladies throughout the kingdom from the ages 17 to 18 years old. They will train here with one of our advisors, Annette, for six months. After that time period is finished, you will meet with all of the ladies individually at a ball and you will choose the one you prefer best. The young lady will then spend six more months here to spend more time with you and if you are still fond of her, she will become your bride," my step-father says with a look of excitement on his face.

"WHAT! I'm only 18! How am I supposed to find the right girl in one night? Have you even thought that these girls will be torn away from their families for a year and only one of them will be chosen while the others go home crying? This is ridiculous!" I yell to my parents, my bright blue eyes blazing. My mother's smile only falters slightly.

"Connor, I thought you would be happy about this. Besides, the girls will be too caught up thinking about whether or not they will marry you and will forget their homes for the time being. I have already ordered our advisors to choose the most attractive throughout the kingdom and they are already on their way here," my mother says firmly.

I run my hand through my light brown hair and sigh, "I just feel bad for the girls who aren't going to be chosen at all to even come to the palace. Whatever. I guess just have to deal with it," I say in a quiet voice.

"Don't worry Connor. This will all work out in the end. You will have a beautiful bride, a nice castle to live in, and a whole kingdom to rule over," my father reassures me.

"Okay dad. I'm going to get ready for when the girls come. Bye," I say with a sigh as I walk out of the throne room to the beach, the only place I find comfort. This is going to be a long six months.


As I'm sitting on the beach waiting for the girls to come wearing a white shirt with a black jacket over it and black jeans and converse, I take out my phone to tell the guys what my parents told me.

(Connor, Tony, John, Greg)

Hey guys. I have some news for you guys.


Wht up Connor?




Wat up dude?


My parents just told me that they r takin da prettiest girls throughout da kingdom and they r going 2 stay here for 6 months to train as princesses. Then, I have 2 choose 1 girl at a ball 2 stay for 6 more months. By the end of dat, if I still like them, I get 2 marry them.




No way!


Lucky dude!


I kno, but I don't think im lucky. Your girlfriends might come, dont worry, I wont choose them, but they might be disappointed.


Hey! If u pick Natalie, I'll kick ur butt


Watever man. Thx for not choosing Kassandra.


I have a feelin u wouldn't have chosen Lauren anyways.


Sure Tony. Well I gotta go guys. The girsl r here. See ya ltr. Text u with updates.


Good luck man. Please tell me if Kassandra is there 2.


Bye Connor. Tell me if u see Lauren!


Hey! I can totally beat u up! Nvm, tell me if Natalie is there.



I wait in front of the door to the throne room where all of the girls are and I hear my parents informing the girls about what is going to happen while they are here. Then I hear Annette's perky voice saying that she will be their 'mom' for the next six months training them to become a proper princessā€¦ blah, blah, blah. I zone out until I hear my name being said and I know that is my cue to walk in. The castle guards push open the doors for me and I walked in.

The sea of heads is overwhelming as they all turned towards me as I walked in. All of the faces look attractive with their green, blue, and brown eyes and brown, blonde, black, and red hair. I make a mental note to avoid the redheads. There are squeals coming from all the girls and they all had similar expressions with their smiles and excited faces, but one girl standing in the front of the crowd stood out as I stood beside my parents on their thrones.

The girl had wavy dark brown hair that flowed to about midway down her back with tan skin and a curvy figure. Her high cheekbones and luscious lips brought out her most lovely feature, her mesmerizing emerald green eyes. She was glaring at me for some strange reason and her lips were turned in a frown. She's the girl from my dream!

She notices me looking at her and I give her a small smile, but she rolls her eyes and looks away. Her friends around whisper to her, but she shakes her head. Her friends are the girls that I immediately recognize as the guys girlfriends. Natalie, a pretty Goth girl, Kassandra, a very attractive blonde, and Lauren, a pretty brunette. The girls look perfect for the guys.

"And ladies, here is my son I am sure you all know as Connor Evans. You will most likely see him walking around the halls of the castle and you will see him at the ball of course in six months' time," my mother says with a smile. I also smile at the crowd of girls and some of them swoon. I can't believe I have to meet with all of these girls individually in one night.

"Hello ladies. Welcome to my home. I hope that you enjoy your time here for the next six months and I am looking forward to meeting with you at the ball," I say then I give them a smile. My mother and step-father then ask Annette to show the girls to their sleeping quarters and as the girls are walking out of the throne room, I can't help but watch the girl from my dream. I need to talk to her. I just have to.

As Connor watched the girl walk out, he did not notice another pair of eyes watching him angrily from behind a curtain that would later bring him troubleā€¦