A/N: Flash fiction is pretty hard. I need words to waffle with, and the challenge this drabble is part of limited me to a mere hundred words per update. Though it does help me be more concise, I suppose...

Anyway, this little challenge is based on the Seven Deadly Sins - one a day for a week. Since I just finished a novel based around the sins, I thought I may as well use the same characters. So ta-da! Anyone who's familiar with that story (which will pretty much be a scarce few members of the fanfiction FI Forum) will know the characters - and for those of you who don't, just roll with it. XD

I. Pride

Maybe the cut was a sign? Maybe it meant that he was taking on too much or was… He shook his head abruptly, sleek ebony hair swishing around his face in the process. That thought… was wrong. Surely he couldn't be growing incompetent in his duties. Becoming clumsy. He would never allow that of himself.

That was idiotic. Nonsensical.

He snorted, straightening his back and glaring down at the small nick across his arm scathingly. Hah! As if a little cut meant he was weak!

…Still though, he rolled his sleeve down hastily. After all, no-one else need see it.