A/N: Aww, this is the last one - it's been a pretty interesting challenge, and I love the creativity of the other challengers in their drabbles.

Envy is my favourite sin for several reasons - though mainly because my main character in my sins-centric novel was based on it. I find it fascinating that, of all the sins, this is the one that gives the least in terms of rewards - with pride, you feel confident and strong; gluttony allows you to gain pleasure from eating; wrath can win fights, arguments, and if worse comes to worst you can always punch a guy in the face; lust... speaks for itself; greed gets you the material possessions that you want; sloth means you can sleep a lot. But envy? The only thing envy has going for it is those rare moments when actually, you're the best and people envy you - however, most of the time, an envious person will find the slightest thing to cause a fuss about.

It's also the most dangerous of the sins, I found - envy strikes without warning, because it's the one sin that no-one wants to admit to (not that you'd openly or happily admit to any of the others, but still).

Ok, I need to stop waffling! This is longer than the actual drabble. XD Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed! It means a lot! ^_^


The flames licked at the walls relentlessly, devouring the paper that smothered them. The curtains had long since been demolished, and now all that was left of them were two dancing pillars of vivid orange. The cabinets had been fully gorged, the drawers consumed in seconds - but what had caught her eye from the street below, as she stood and watched the ravished onslaught with a malicious grin upturning her lips, was the corner of the room.

Or rather, the large, oak wardrobe. Alight.

Her grin grew; that'd teach the skanky bitch to have better clothes than her.