(Re)birth of the Apocalypse

Fall from the highest cloud
to stay by your side, Reaper,
for a night, only one night.
I (don't) want this potential
saving grave that sparks between
us to cause my

destruction to be reborn for another cycle.
Will my life be like this forever?
A robin reborn from the ashes of a fire long dead.
Just kill me now, Reaper, darling.

Wars have been started over less.
Helen's damning kiss
that turned Troy to fight to
the bitter end.

(Danger!) Sparrow sings her
warning cry as I tread the
darkest path; the moon but
a sliver of its glory. I
smell my Fox and either I will
stand my ground, or fade into the night.
What drives this predator behind me?

(Ambition, greed, and lust.)
Sparrow's slight voice carries on the breeze.
Did you really think it was over?
Now, shush, you.

(Fight Fox, Rabbit!)
I am the rabbit
still running blind through the woods.
Will the Fox kill or take me
captive to consume later?

Ruin every plan we crafted together
at three A.M when neither of us could sleep.
Tangled sheets and silver rings-
you held my (fragile) heart in your hands.
I dared to breathe.

It's easy for fools to say.
Ashen sky and flaming stars fall;
all I can do is stare, when
the apocalypse is born
as a virgin gives birth.