Away I Dream

Away, Away I Dream

Fallen hearts to redeem

Let no fear consume you

Let no darkness surround you

Make all you hopes come alive

And just look up to the sky

To see

The lonely

Ones that are like what you feel

Can't tell what real


Just know that he adores you

Show him all the things you do

And shine

Believe its your time

Away, Away I Dream

Always losing as it seems

But its not forever

Never say never

To your own

Your not alone


Don't look back at what is broken

Its in the past, left unspoken

Continue on with your new life

Its who you are, deep inside

Don't let go keep up the fight

Take your thoughts into the night

And be what you want its alright

Don't be afraid

I'm here to stay

Come with me,

Away, away we Dream