Chapter 1: I Had Her

I had her, she was mine. I could have helped her. I could have saved her. God damn it if they wouldn't have locked her up, I could have saved her!

James dropped to his knees in front of his dead girlfriend's grave and started to cry. Laura had been his entire life. He had given everything to her. A house, a car, love and his entire heart and soul was all hers. Until the day she went mad and was convinced she was seeing things. She would wake up screaming in the middle of the night saying she saw a dark creature by the window.

James would tell her it was nothing and get her to go back to sleep. But eventually it got worse. She would start seeing the thing she called creatures during the day. She would scream and run after it with a knife. Board up the windows and all the doors. James being a psychiatrist would try and help her day after day, but nothing worked.

Eventually her parents and all her friends found out and took her from him. They did not believe he could help her. They then locked her up in Saint Anne's Institute and for months they would not let James visit her. He would beg and plead to her parents, but they believed it would make her condition worse. The doctors had determined over a month's span she was schizophrenic and there was nothing they could do to help her.

Soon after a year of Laura being locked up she had found a way to hang herself in her room. She had left a letter too James that was placed on her bed when they found her. It read.

Dear James,

I am so sorry that I am leaving you, but this creature has been haunting me for far too long. I love you so much, but this world is not for me. I want you to be happy and with me being locked up here will do you know good. Find someone to love James, and who will make you happy.

Sincerely, Laura

James held the letter as he knelt over Laura's grave. It had been only a few weeks after she was buried and James hadn't spoken to anyone. Every night after Laura had died he had re read over and over the letter she had left him. He would cry and cry and wouldn't stop crying until he cried himself to sleep. He had never been so heart broken in his life.

The love of his life was gone, who he had not been able to see for a year and now she wanted him to move on. For James that was very unlikely. He then felt something brush his shoulder and he stood up quickly to see it was Samuel Kane. Laura's, father.

"James, what are you still doing here? Shouldn't you be at work?"

"I cancelled my appointments for today, I needed some time alone."

"Well I came to ask you, I know this is very sudden but some of the psychiatrists at Saint Anne's have left to go to another Institute in the States and the Head Director of the Institute who is one of my good friends, wanted to know if you would work there. He knows you are a great psychiatrist and you wouldn't have to start work now. But soon would be good."

I stared at him in the up most shock and anger. I wanted to punch his face in so hard he'd see stars. Was this man actually asking me to work in the place my girlfriend killed herself? He had to be joking.

"You want me to work in the place my girlfriend died? Are you fucking kidding me?"

"The pay is great James. I know you are grieving, but so are we. She was my daughter but I know she would want us to move on. Plus there are a lot of patients who need you. You could really help them James. I know you could. Here's my number give me a call if you agree to it."

He handed me a business card and walked away across the graveyard. It was getting dark now and it was very cloudy. I could hear the wind whistle and the leaves rustle on the trees.

This was going to be a big decision. I needed time to think. Better yet what I needed was Laura. I wanted my girlfriend to come running to me across the ground and jump into my arms and kiss me like she use to. She had the most amazing kisses. Her lips were so soft and her skin was smooth, and she always smelt so good. Oh how I longed for that smell. The smell of vanilla all of her, I missed that.

I missed her walking in through the front door and smelling that on her. Her asking me how my day was and what was for dinner. Then her wrapping her arms around me, and us kissing patiently.

God I missed that and what I missed the most was telling her how much I love her…

I then pulled out a small rose I had shoved into my black trench coach. I remember every Friday I would bring her a rose and today was no different. It was a Friday and Laura would receive a rose. Even if she was in the afterlife, I still would continue the same tradition.

I then placed the rose on her grave and started to walk back to my car. I then stopped for the moment and the win brushed through me quickly. I could have sworn I could feel Laura's presence with me.

"I miss you Laura. I miss you so much…"