Chapter 2: I'll Try and Help

I lay in my bed resting my head against my pillow staring out the window. It was pitch black and all I could see was the moon shining in the sky. I couldn't fall asleep. It had been days now since I had gotten a good night sleep. Every time I would drift off I would dream about Laura.

Every time in the dream she would be standing there in the middle of the room smiling at me. Then she would tell me I love you and reach out her arms for me to come to her. But then the lights would go off and when they came back on, she would be hanging.

I would scream and run to her but she would then disappear. I would drop to my knees and start to cry. I would wake up with sweat all over my body and tears down my face.

I couldn't keep living like this. Maybe I needed some help. For fuck sakes what I needed was Laura. I wanted my girl lying beside me with my arms wrapped around her and holding her in my arms.

The next morning I decided I would go to work and see what paper work needed to be done. I defiantly was not going to take in any patients today, but I needed to keep busy. I needed to do something.

When I got to work, Marie my desk manager was reading a book. I walked past her and into my office and shut my door. As I sat down at my desk she walked in.

"Dr. Ford"

"Marie, please call me James. I hate being called by last name by my workers."

"Sorry James, um, someone is here to see you. He's been waiting awhile actually."

As Marie left the room Samuel Kane walked in.

"Oh what do you want Sam?" I asked

"I want you to come with me to the hospital James. I want you to see how much these patients need you."

Sam then sat down in front of me at my desk. I looked up at him from my paper work and stared at him with a furious look.

"I told you, I needed time. Now you have the nerve to walk into my office and tell me that you want me to come with you? You're crazy."

"James there is a group of girls there who need you to help them. You have a great deal of degree's and expertise's, they really need you. Especially these two girls right here.

He then placed an open file on my desk with a picture of two girls in front of me. The one girl had straight red hair with blond high lights in the front. She had green eyes. She looked about my age. The second girl had full red hair. About the same color as the first girl, she had a skinnier figure then the other girl and her hair was curly. They both had to be the same age.

"Who are these girls?" I asked

"The first girl is Hayley Delgado and the second girl is Katey Rinehart. Hayley has been in the facility for four years now for having split personality disorder. She turns from Hayley to Bailey in the matter of minutes. Anything that makes her upset or angry she switches. But when she does it turns into chaos. Katey is in the facility for being a cutter and trying to commit suicide on a number of occasions. She has also been locked up for the same amount of time as Hayley. Both the girl's families are dead because of a huge car crash that happened five years ago. That's how all of this started happening to them, they are best friends James. Katey is the only one who can control Hayley and Hayley can only control Katey. But it is not enough. We need to help these girls and I know you have had a lot of patients who have been through things similar to this. Please come with me James. They need your help."

I stared at him with a really sad look in my eyes. I wanted to help these girls but I wasn't sure if I could or not. I was still grieving. Could I really help these girls? Could I help Hayley to control her split personality and Katey from trying to cut and commit suicide? God I didn't know. If Laura was here she would want me to help them, but it would be different if she was here.

"I'll come with you, I'll here there story's and see if I can help them. But if I believe I can't, I'm not staying." I said.

"Thank you James! Believe me the girls will be happy to see a different doctor. They hate theirs and they can't do anything for them. Shall we go?"

"Yes, I'll meet you out in the parking lot."

Sam then stood up and walked out of the office. I grabbed my papers, laptop, notebook and tape recorder and walked out of my office.

I was really hoping I would be able to help these girls. They needed me and maybe I needed them.