Note: This was written for the Review Game's July Writing Challenge Contest. Check out the other entries and vote for your favorites from the 8th-14th. This month's prompt was "Siddhartha was taught by the river. Incessantly, he learned from it. Most of all, he learned from it to listen, to pay close attention with a quiet heart, with a waiting, opened soul, without passion, without a wish, without judgement, without an opinion."- Siddhartha (novel)


On our nightly walk, a realization: "I see Cassiopeia," I said, pausing.

Her ears twitched in my direction, but she continued, investigating to the end of her leash.

"I knew it existed and what it looked like, but I'd never really seen it until I started walking with you."

She sniffed the night, quietly assessing our neighborhood while she listened to me.

"I never really took the time to look."

She led me onward.

"Let's see what else we can find."

She searched the ground, I searched the sky. And I saw the world through the eyes of my dog.