Alone. Always alone. Alone at midnight.

Silently, he walks down the long deep black corridor.

His mind deep in cold uninviting memories;

Memories that plague his mind.

That taunt him and mock him.

Forever haunting him.

Memories that cling to his dead heart.

He shall always be alone.

Quiet whispers spit at him as its harsh words echo deep in his ears.

He stopped.

As he stood there, nothing but silence settled over him like a thick blanket.

Just silence. Always silence. Was he really alone?

"We know what you did in the room 1408, that night." It sneered.

How could it know? Nobody knew?

"You killed her." It echoed in his ears as the truth rung hollow in his heart.

It knew.

"She was very close to you…"

Those icy words were like a dagger to his heart.

The voice was getting closer with each step.

Footsteps? Was he followed?

He spun round to find nothing but an empty space glaring back at him.

Walking. Always walking. He was pulled.

Pulled to the cold floor which stunned his unloving, brutal heart.

"I'm coming from you!" It threatened as it slowly advanced.

Why? It was 5 years ago, tonight. Why here? Why now?

He picked himself up.

He had to keep running.

He's ran all his life. Why stop now?

He hung deep in the shadows of the corridor.

The room that plagued his dreams near him. He could feel it's deathly presence.

Those sombre screams that murmured into a death gurgle.

"You will never be alone again." It whispered.

The voice sent shivers down his spine. The voice which turned him deathly pale.

"Why?" He quivered.

"Because I do not wish for you to be alone as I was." The voice replied.

A blood-curdling scream shattered the midnight air.

Then silence. Just silence.

The blood stained the dark shadows that hid so many secrets.

Alone. Never alone. As the voice sweeps darkness over his heart one last time…