Inspired by the show "Dating in the Dark" just modified to my liking. Enjoy!

"Man, You won!"

"I won? Won what?"

"You are going to be in that show Lights Out!"

"Quit messing around. How the heck…"

Brian just informed his longtime friend Jett he was one of the 3 contenders of a dating game show.

"Ok so how does this work? What's it about?" Jett asked skeptically.

"So you will room with 2 more guys and basically you all go on 3 dates … in the dark," Brian tried to explain.

"I don't get to actually see the person?"

"Uh huh… you will be in an absolute pitch black room my friend. Isn't that awesome?"

"No!" Jett exclaimed. "Why on earth would you think I'd be up for this? You know how stupid I get around girls and every time I open my mouth I want to stick my fist in it."

"See that's why it's perfect! You won't see each other, which means you might not be as nervous," Brian pointed out.

"… Which means she won't but the rest of the world will see what an idiot I am. Yeah … thanks a lot buddy!" Jett said sarcastically as he punched his friend.

"Dude, you need to get out more. I'm tired of seeing your sappy face all the time," Brian mocked.

Jett stood shaking his head with his arms crossed. He couldn't believe he was actually going to do this.


Kayla was discussing a wager with her best friend Olina, who just lost a bet.

"You can't say no, but you are going to be on a show," Kayla announced.

Olina tilted her head in confusion, "what do you mean a show? You really went out of your way for me to lose this bet didn't you?"

"That's no longer important, I signed you up for a dating show, and you ended up getting picked. No need to thank me," Kayla flaunted an evil grin.

"Thank you? I want to strangle you. What kind of favor is that? You just want to see me get humiliated on television!"

"Oh shut up! This is going to be fun. Who knows you could meet someone."

"Alright!" Olina threw her hands in the air; "I know I'll regret it, but what do I have to do?"

Kayla jumped out of her seat and handed Olina a bulky packet that contained documents of regulations, required signatures and airplane tickets.

Wednesday morning, 6 individuals traveled to the luxurious Diamond Pearl 5 star hotel in Costa Rica. Once the 3 single men and women checked in to the penthouse suite, they continued with a short interview stating what they did, what their goals were and why they came. The player's cards read:

Chase Williams- 22, Florida 5'11" / Green eyes / Sandy blonde hair/ Tan skin Studies during the day and is a bartender by night. Likes to work out and do water sports; hopes to one day open his own fitness gym. "I want to inspire people to have healthier lifestyles." "I thought it would be a fun way to date in an unusual way I haven't tried yet. Who knows right?"

Miguel Mendoza- 27, Costa Rica 5'10"/ Dark Brown eyes/ Short Curly Brown hair/ Dark Tan skin Is the head chef at a high-end restaurant called "Vida Rica" here on the island. Enjoys surfing and spear fishing. "I zon't get zthe chanze to date many ladiez … zince I'm bazically zthe one back zthere cooking for zthem" "I would like to wine and dine zthe lucky lady zthat picks me."

Jett Gourd- 24, British Columbia 5'8"/ Brown eyes/ Black hair/ Light skin Works in sound production on the rock radio station "Vanc Beats 96.5 FM" "I'm very laid back, not too much of a trendy guy, but I'm kind of a dork I guess; just not the stereotypical one." "I'm a nice guy and I hope whoever I meet sees that even if she can't see me."

Charlotte Wilson- 25, New York 5'6"/ Blue eyes / Shaggy Blond hair/ Fair skin Is studying business and is an assistant manager to the night club "Aurora Lites". "At the club I meet plenty of guys but they are never the 'right' kind. I'm hoping to meet a handsome man who knows how to treat a woman."

Bianca Richardson- 25, Texas 5'9"/ Green eyes/ Short Red hair/ Light Tan skin Is a dancer and hopes to be a professional choreographer Athletic and enjoys clubbing "I enjoy having a good time, but I want a guy to cuddle with when I'm lonely. And who will not be the jealous type."

Olina Kieser- 23, Hawaii 5'5"/ Hazel eyes/ Long Straight Brown hair/ Tan skin Is a local known painter who runs a small gallery called "Rise Sunset". Half American and Polynesian hopes to own her own gallery where she can give art classes. "I live a simple life; I enjoy the outdoors and being with my friends and family. I'd like to meet a guy who values those things as well."

"Welcome guys, I'm Pau your host of 'Lights Out'. We've already explained the rules to all of you, just a couple of things I want to mention. Now I just finished talking with the ladies; so guys as tempting as it may be, you will remain in this section of the suite as well as the ladies on their side. There is a small den that separates your rooms, which is where you will be having your dates. Remember, it's so dark it will be supernaturally impossible to see a thing. All 6 of you will enter what we call 'The Cave', for the first group date. There each of you can chat briefly, feel the vibe and see who captivates your attention for the first formal date. So have fun and good luck!"

The 3 male contestants enter the room first.

Chase- "What the…I can't see sh…" (gasping)

Miguel- "Oh santo! No veo…I can't zee a zthing!" (stumbling over Chase's foot)

Jett- "Oh wow! They weren't kidding. What have we gotten ourselves into?"

They made their way around a long couch, feeling another one directly in front of theirs. Laughing and trying not to sit on top of each other they tried to remain calm as they heard the fussing of the door knob; the ladies were about to enter.

Olina- "This is incredibly dark."

Bianca- "It's insane… I don't know where I'm going. I feel like I might hit a wall or something." (grabbing Olina's arm)

Charlotte- "Well if you do, I'll know not to go in that direction." ( laughs)

The women didn't know the guys were in there yet. Their snickering soon gave them away. The guys then burst out laughing causing the girls to jump and shriek. They followed the sound of their laughter to locate the couch; finally everyone was settled.

Chase- "Hey ladies, how's it going?"

Olina & Charlotte- "Hey."

Bianca- "Hi there, ok you sound American…"

Chase- "That I am. And I can bet you're a Texan"

(Bianca giggles)

Miguel- "Ok , ok. What are your namez chicas?"

Bianca- "Oh we have a Don Juan in the room!"

Miguel - "It'z actually Don Miguel."

(everyone laughs)

Bianca- "Oh si? Me llamo Bianca. I remember my Spanish from high school." (chuckles)

Olina- "I'm Olina" (calm and quiet)

Charlotte-"Charlotte here… what about you guys? Say your names starting from right to left. And your ages too!"

Jett-"Im Jett and I'm 24."

Charlotte- "You have an interesting voice, where are you from?"

Jett- "Vancouver, Canada."

Charlotte-"Ahh. Canadian eh? What about the rest of you guys?

Miguel - "Well az you know, I'm Miguel. Or callz me Don Miguel. I live here and I'm 27 yearz."

Chase - "Hello again, I'm Chase and I'm 22. It looks like I'm the baby of the group."

Bianca- "There's no shame in that. We'll make you a man in no time."

Jett- "Whoa! Let's keep this PG yeah?"

Charlotte- "Sweety, what happens in the dark, stays in the dark.

Bianca- "Ha ha yes! I'd give you a high five Charlotte but I can't see your hand…So tell us guys what do you do?"

Chase- "I bartend nights and I'm studying physical therapy."

Charlotte- "You sound good looking."

Miguel- "No zthat would be me!"

Bianca- "Ok hot stuff what do you do?"

Miguel- "Ah si, I'm zthe master chef. I lovez to cook zthe Latin foodz. And I do zthe surfing."

Bianca- "So you're not only hot you cook to? Oh my."

Charlotte- "Ok Jett, serenade us with that voice of yours."

Jett- (chuckling nervously) "Well… I help work as a sound technician at a radio station and also video production."

Olina- "That sounds awesome."

Chase- "Oh she speaks! I thought you had left."

Jett- "What about you? Olina right?

Olina- "Yes, I'm a painter and I work at an art gallery in Maui.

Miguel- "We have zthe artist!"

Jett- "Maui, Hawaii? Nice…"

Chase- "Yeah…Bianca?"

Bianca- "I'm the dancer, and hope to be a famous choreographer one day…soon."

Miguel- "Si ballerina! You danse zthe salsa conmigo?"

Chase- "Oh at first I was like 'wait what kind of dancer'? Then I heard choreographer."

Bianca- "A pole is still no challenge for me darling."

Charlotte- "Ok my turn Britney Spears. I'm getting my degree in business and I am assistant manager at a night club in New York…"

After several minutes their time was up. Returning to their assigned rooms the participants found a set of stationary cards and envelopes on their coffee tables; with the given instructions of writing the other person's name of whom they wish to see first. Later that day, the floor's steward would come to collect them on his silver tray, write the number sequence and deliver them to the recipients.