It was the third and final day. At about noon, the ladies were getting ready; glam, heels and all. The men eagerly prepared their special dates to their own taste and style. Luckily, in this episode, no one was returning home alone. All that was left to see was if "love at first sight" rendered a chance between our contenders.

All ladies received an invitation of the location they'd meet their partners at. Miguel had borrowed the kitchen from the hotel's restaurant Pablo's Ardente; where he was making her an exquisite lunch, followed by some Spanish dancing, all held in the restaurant's VIP room.

Jett had set out a romantic lunch under a white thin curtain tent on the beach, he was just about to finish his handmade trail of seashells and white stemmed roses that led from the hotel's wooden deck out on to the sand.

Chase had made efforts to arrange a sweet candlelit table in front of the majestic water fountain, at the hotel's botanical garden patio. Surrounding that section was layers upon layers of exotic island flowers and trees.

Bianca was the first to step out of the suite. Dazzling in a mid-length green slip dress, her red locks straightened around her face. Her green eyes were vibrant and ready to be wooed. An usher met her in the lobby once she stepped out to the elevator. This was the moment, just around the corner she would see the entrance to the garden's tunnel, where she would then enter unescorted.

The tunnel threw a fine cool mist; Bianca felt like she was about to enter in to a magical orchard. She walked up to the water fountain to take in its entire splendor; with small sculptures of seraphim's sitting around the top rim, looking down at her with warm smiles. As she stared, she hadn't noticed the black suited figure that appeared from the opposite side. Her eyes widened to the handsomely dressed blonde. The seraphim had struck his spear; a satisfied couple.

Next was Charlotte, adorned in a scarlet dance dress and high heels. Her hair in a sleek up do and the edges of her blue eyes framed with a dark smoky shadow. The long legged damsel also stepped through the elevator and was led to the VIP room, where she began swaying to the tropical notes that engulfed the place. She looked around in awe; small palm trees were brought in with lines of white paper lanterns connecting them. They separated the dining area from the intimate dance floor.

The doors swung open and out stormed Miguel, like a Latin knight. Charlotte thought she was in a Spanish novella; with his black buttoned down shirt, curly wet hair and dark glowing skin. She felt a little wobbly when he pursued her with his sparkling smile, sweeping her hand up to his mouth where he delicately planted a kiss. He couldn't have been more elated to have snagged his very own Cameron Diaz look-alike.

Finally Olina exited the room, she beamed of Hawaiian elegance. Wearing an ocean blue summer dress with a lovely necklace decorated in shimmering shells and crystals. Olina could unmistakably pass as a tropic Pocahontas. Her heart was so anxious; she wasn't worried one bit, already knowing she had won.

Olina was ushered outside up to the deck that overlooked the water. Quickly spotting the movement of the tent's bright sheets as the wind lightly blew against it. Unable to contain her excitement, her eyes watered as she put one foot in front of the other, guided by the path of shells and flowers. Within seconds she saw him, the sunlight hit directly over him, only able to admire his island attire.

Jett was desperate to hold her; he felt like the luckiest man alive. Watching as her long hair danced around her shoulders as a breeze went by and the sun glistened upon her golden tan skin. She now stood only a few feet away, just enough for his soulful brown eyes to capture her hazel pair.

He articulated a silent "Wow" but remained speechless. Olina equally impressed; Jett was just as she had pictured him. She couldn't have been more thrilled to have lost that bet with Kayla. He held out his hand and waited as she slid hers in, fitting like a glove.

Once she walked in the tent, her mind was blown.


"I just knew I had to have one. I spoke with the Pau and the producer separately and they were thrilled with the idea. They had it mailed the very next day after the first group meeting."

"But how's that even pos…"

Before Olina could finish her cheek was covered by Jett's warm hand, with just enough time to inhale he reached over to kiss her. It was just like she'd fantasized about, a delightful interruption. They shared an enduring moment of rewarding kisses and joyful embraces. Beside the table on a stand, was one of Olina's greater paintings that Jett had bought from the gallery back in Maui.

And there you have it, six singles plus a little love; equals three successful matches.