Well, this is my attempt at the Hades/Persephone myth, with my little spin on it. Please let me know what you think. This is set in the 21st century, with flashbacks from Ancient times.

Summary: Kore is always causing trouble for her mother. Shes been expelled from so many schools that shes lost count. She wouldn't behave so bad if her mother would just let her out every now and then. But Demeter seems determined to protect her from something, something that she is determined to keep Kore away from. Her mother has always been secretive, especially when it comes to their mysterious family that Kore has never met.

All of a sudden, a dark mysterious man by the name of Hades kidnaps Kore, claiming to be her husband and telling her that she is Persephone, Queen Of The Underworld.

Kore has to dig down deep and decide who she really believes, her mother, or a man who she is mysteriously drawn to. Can Kore really be the goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld? If so, then why can't she remember her husband if she loved him as much as he says she did?


-Chapter One: How They Met-

The music flowed out of the golden harp with amazing beauty. It echoed among the great hall elegantly with every note it played, bringing warmth and inner peace to anyone who heard its hypnotising melody. Although none of the Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus noticed this, they were too drunk and self involved to pay attention.

Hades watched the party unfold from his spot in the shadows of a nearby pillar. Every one of the Gods here made him physically sick. His eyes skimmed over them lazily, trying to find something that might entertain him, even if it were only for a little while. He spotted Zeus roaming the hall, his laugh the loudest and most obnoxious of all of them. It made him want to tear his ears out. Zeus cracked jokes that everyone laughed at because, of course, he was the King of Gods. If you angered him, goodbye to you. Hera, his wife who was sitting with a few of her friends, fumed silently in her chair. Hades tried to remember the last time he saw a smile on the Hera's face. Although it had been a while since he himself had smiled.

His other brother, Poseidon, annoyed him less than Zeus did. Although that wasn't by much. Hades watched him now as he swung his trident around, showing it off to Ares haughtily. Although Ares didn't seem to be paying much attention to this display, instead his eyes were fixed upon the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, who was walking around as though she were a model. Well, she is the concept of models, Hades thought.

Hades wondered if anyone would notice if he left and went back to the underworld. Probably not, he hadn't spoken to anyone since he arrived. No one even knew he was there, watching them all in their 'glory'. He started to wonder why he even bothered to show up at all. He didn't want to be here, and he wasn't wanted anyway. His eyes flickered around for an escape route, when a large hand came down on his shoulder.

'My dear brother!' Zeus boomed.

God damn it, how did he sneak up so quickly without him noticing? Hades only nodded, aware of all the eyes that were staring at him. Most of them were surprised that the God of the Underworld was there, others were frightened.

'Enjoying the party?' he asked.

'You've really outdone yourself this year, Zeus.' Hades commented dryly.

Zeus let out a boisterous laugh and he wrapped an arm around Hades' shoulders. 'Thank you brother! How is the underworld? Meet anyone lively lately?'

Keep laughing, Bolt Boy, Hades thought darkly as Zeus drew more attention to them. As usual, Hades kept his cool, not allowing anyone to see him otherwise. 'You know me, my work as Lord of the Underworld is never done. I don't have such liberties like you.'

Zeus barley batted an eyelash at Hades words. His eye had caught a nearby nymph. Hades resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Was he really that stupid to try something with Hera glaring daggers at him from across the room?

'Ah yes, yes.' He says, distracted, already walking away. 'Good work Hades. If you'll excuse me...'

Hades watched as his brother saunter over to his latest conquest. Poor woman, Hades thought, she'll never know what hit her. Although his empathy evaporated when he realize this was a good time for escape.

Hades left the brightly golden place and came out on the pearly entrance steps. He slumped near the top, watching the clouds pass him by. He heard nothing but the rowdy Gods celebrating inside and let out a sigh. Hades could leave now; he had made an appearance that was enough. Now he wouldn't have to see any of his relatives for another century. That thought gave him comfort.

As he began to stand, he heard raised voices nearby.

'Whatever am I going to do with you?'

Hades recognized this voice as his sister's, Demeter. He considered making a quick dash; he had hoped he wouldn't run into his precious sister. It was no secret on Olympus that the two of them didn't get along. In fact, Hades and Demeter could barely stand being in the same dimension without going crazy.

'You never let me go anywhere Mother! I don't even know anyone from Olympus because you refuse to let me meet anyone!'

Hades stopped mid step as he heard this. This was not a voice he knew. His ears had peaked at the word 'mother'. So, Demeter had finally brought her daughter to Mount Olympus.

'And for good reason too! Every time I take my eyes off you, you get into some sort of trouble!' the girl had begun to speak, but Demeter cut her off again. 'Hush Kore! This is the end of this discussion. We are leaving. You wait right here until I come back to get you.'

Hades heard the retreating steps of Demeter, and he quickly ducked behind a pillar as she stormed past him and inside the palace. Until he heard the door close, he waited a few moments before stepping out of his shadow, ready to go home to the Underworld.

He stopped short. Someone now stood at the stairs where he was moments ago. Hades eyes ran over her quickly, taking in this so called 'Kore.' She was captivating like most of the gods were in Olympus. Her head was ducked down; a curtain of blonde locks hiding most of her face and a bright flower tucked in. Her sun kissed skin seemed so dark compared to his. She looked up for a moment, giving Hades a chance to see her face. Her hair framed it gently, her bright green eyes like jewels. All the light in the world seemed to reflect off them, shimmering like a bright green lake.

When she turned, Hades saw a few glistening tears running down her cheeks. When she saw him, she let out a startled sound and jumped back, almost stumbling down the steps. Not knowing what he was doing, his hand shot out quicker than a snake and wrapped around her wrist, pulling her back on balance.

'Watch where you're going, child.' He hissed. He held onto her for a moment to make sure she had her balance and let go. 'I'm sure your mother would be very... upset if anything were to happen to you.'

Not that he really cared if Demeter was upset, he added in his mind.

He watched with a sort of fascination as her face went red. 'I'm terribly sorry!' she blurted out.

Hades was forced to clutch his fingers into a tight fist. Her hand had felt so warm against his; it had touched another living person for the first time in a while. 'It's okay.' He muttered after a moment, regretting the harness of his words

She hesitated for a moment, and then, to Hades amazement, curtsied stylishly. 'My name is Kore.' Hades looked at her for a moment. No one had ever been polite or civil to him, no one. He wondered why this Kore was. 'And who are you?'

Ah, thats why. She didn't know him. Dear Zeus, was Demeter keeping her locked up in a cage? Hades tilted his head towards her. 'Hades, Lord of the Underworld.'

He watched as her eyes widened slightly as his name. It was only a split second before her face smoothed back to normal. He smirked. So she did know who he was. She averted her eyes and began to gaze at her surroundings. Hades continued to watch her, unsure why this girl fascinated him.

'First time in Mount Olympus?' he suddenly asked her.

She smiled. It was beautiful, as though it were the sunlight. 'Am I that obvious? My mother never lets me out. You're one of the first people I've met.'

'How disappointing for you.' Hades commented dryly.

She looked up at him with innocent eyes. 'Disappointing? Not at all.' Her fingers reached into her hair and plucked out the vibrant flower. She fiddled with the petals as she asked, 'Whats the underworld like? What do you do?'

'You don't know who I am?' he asked, watching her fingers.

She shrugged slightly. 'My mother told me only a little bit, but not the facts. I only know that the underworld is a place where people go to die.'

'Oh, it's much more than that.' Hades murmured. Without asking, he took the flower of the young goddess's hands. Kore watched in fascination as the flower began to curl at the edges, the colour dying out until it was black. In a matter of seconds, the flower laid dead and shrivelled in Hades hands.

Kore's eyes were wide, but not with dear like most, more with appeal. 'Wow. How did you do that?'

He didn't answer the question, only placed the dead flower back into her hands. Warmth spread up through his fingers as though he were sitting beside a flower. He quirked an eyebrow at Kore. 'Why would a young and vibrant goddess such as you be interested in the underworld?'

'You'd be interested too if you were locked away for all your life.' She murmured. He wasn't sure if he were supposed to hear the remark, so he kept quiet. Kore closed her eyes and a crease appeared between her brows. Hades wondered if she was going to cry, and he hoped she wouldn't. He couldn't deal with crying people.

Instead, he noticed small golden sparkles appear around the flower. The dead flower in her hands began to rise from the dead, growing colour and body. So she did have some of her mother's powers, the flower was as good as new. She smiled at her achievement. 'I'm getting better.'

"Your mother is just protective," Hades heard himself say suddenly.

'She can't protect me forever.' Kore's green eyes suddenly lit up in burning flames.

Hades couldn't help but be drawn into her. There was more than meets the eye to Kore. It was something he wouldn't mind studying.

'Hmm, I don't know. Your mother is pretty good at getting what she wants when she puts her mind to it.' Hade's drawled.

Kore looked up in surprise, and Hades wondered if his voice sounded to bitter. 'You know my mother well?'

He grimaced to hide his smile. 'You could say that, Persephone.' The name had slipped past his lips before he could stop himself.

She blinked up at him. 'Persephone...? My name is-'

'Kore!' Demeter's voice broke into their conversation. The Goddess seemed to appear out of air, grabbing Kore's slim wrist and pulled her away from Hades as though he were to poison to her daughter just by his presence.

The flower Kore was holding slipped from between her fingers and fluttered to rest at Hades feet. Kore let out a startled sound.

'Kore, please go wait for me inside.' When Kore opened her mouth to argue with Demeter, she was cut off instantly. 'Don't argue. Now.'

Kore rolled her eyes. Behind her mother's back, she gave Hades a beautiful smile and waved. 'It was nice meeting you.'

Hades didn't say anything, but watched her as she rounded the corner. The last thing he saw was her golden hair flowing freely behind her like the wind. He turned his eyes back onto Demeter.

Hades acted as though nothing were out of the ordinary and nodded at Demeter politely. 'Evening, Lady Demeter.'

'Lord Hades.' her voice was cold and unattached. 'I'm sorry if my daughter was bothering you.'

Hades bent down and picked up the beautiful flower that lay at his feet, the soft petals caressing his skin. 'Not at all, she was quite...interesting.' He watched with satisfaction as Demeter seemed to tense at his words. He bowed slightly. 'You have a lovely evening with you daughter, Lady Demeter.'

And with a majestic sweep, Lord Hades left the anxious Demeter in his dust, holding the flower that he picked up with as much care as possible as he disappeared into the clouds.