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Chapter Seven: Great Escape

The hot atmosphere on my back woke me in the morning. Well, at least I thought it was morning. You couldn't tell in the Underworld.

I was in different layers of bliss that enveloped my head. I could hear the sounds of our breathing, our heartbeats. I could feel his skin against mine as my eyes slid open. He was still sleeping.

I rolled to my side and looked down at my left hand for what seemed like the millionth time. A beautiful glittering ring shone. I was married now. I still couldn't believe it, I was married to Hades. After daydreaming and hoping, even wishing for it, the day had finally come.

He stirred beside me, waking up. In seconds, his fingers began to trail up and down my spine, softly grazing patterns on my skin.

'Good morning' he murmurs softly into my ear. I can hear his smile in his voice. 'Where you looking at the ring again?'

'Yes.' I admitted, a bit embarrassed. 'I still can't believe we got married. Demeter will be most surprise.'

'Well, I'm sorry it was on such short notice.' He apologized. I roll around to face him, raising an eyebrow in confusion. 'I wish I could have given you a beautiful ceremony, but I had to improvise…'

I placed my hand on his cheek, smiling. 'I don't care about a wedding. I'm just happy I'm here.'

'I'm happy you're here too my queen.' He smiled

I laughed, finding it even more ridiculous that I was the queen of anything.

It was in that moment that I realized we were both naked. Clothes from the night before were strewn across the floor, some even hanging in strange places. I flushed a deep red.

Hades stared at my face, tense. 'Are you okay? What's wrong?'

'Nothing is wrong.' I hesitate, choosing my words wisely. 'It's just; I still can't believe what happened last night…you know…'

He smiled. 'I know. But I don't regret it. Do you?'

'No!' the words bursts through my lips. 'Not at all. I guess I'm just shocked.'

I took a deep breath, my head going dizzy from his scent. I slowly then began to feel a bit sore, my body stiff. It wasn't a bad feeling though. I pulled myself closer to him, burying my head in his chest.

'I'm a bit worried about my mother.' I told him honestly.

He kissed the top of my head. 'Don't worry. We're married now. She can't do anything.'

'I hope so.'

As time seemed to blend together, I began to imagine who would be missing me back at home in Langwarrin. Not many people sprung to my mind, which was no surprise. Demeter would. Or more likely she would miss the control she had over me. Maybe Maddy, if she were sober or even realized I was gone. My teachers definitely wouldn't.

The room I was being held in was now covered in flowers, so much that you could barely see the original walls. Vines slid around the bed and grazed the floor, multiple colored wildflowers sprouting up in different directions, even though there was no sun to feed them. My hands gave them sunlight.

Maybe I should just stay down here, in the underworld. My laugh echoes in the room and I'm surprised how unlike me it sounds. I move away off the bed over to a mirror that hung on the opposite wall.

My beautiful golden curls were gone now, replaced with straight dark mahogany hair, my eyes an even darker shade of brown. They stared back at me as though I were a stranger. My skin that was once dark and tanned had now lost its color, my face as pale as the moon. My hand rises tentatively to touch my cheek, making sure this was me. My dark eyes widen slightly in confirmation.

The clothes I wore had turn into rags and smelled so bad I couldn't ignore it any longer. Finally deciding to take them off, I move over to the closet and see what has been left for me. It was nothing modern, no jeans or sweaters which was no surprise. All I could find were robes and cloaks. I pick one at random and threw it on, ignoring the familiar feeling of it against my bare skin.

'Miss?' there is a tap at the door.

I freeze at Diana's voice. Instinctively my eyes fly to the empty, heavy fruit bowl on the table. 'Just a moment.' I call out calmly.

My mind goes over an idea for barley a second and before I know it I am hiding just off to the side of the door, out of sight, the cool metal of the fruit ball in my hands. Heart pumping, I call Diana in, forcing myself to go through with it.

The door sings open, squeaking loudly on its hinges, and she steps in slickly, carrying a tray of more food. Taking a deep breath I jump forward and swing with all my strength.

The bowl connects with Diana's head, making a disgusting thunk sound. She topples over, the tray flying out off her hands and landing with amazing sound. Diana follows it soon after. I don't wait to see if I knocked her out.

I cautiously stepped out to a dark hallway that was dimly lit with candles. It seemed endless as I looked which way to go, and there were no windows, just a few doors and a decoration here and there. Going with my gut feeling, I turn right and begin to slowly jog, hoping to turn a corner soon. I could hardly hear myself think from the pounding in my heart. Wiping my palms on my jeans, I was aware of the darkness the more I walked.

I heard a door slam. Whirling around I found a door I had passed earlier was now shut. I walked over, pulling at the handle that wasn't opening. 'Hello?'

I come out to the lobby I was in when I first came here, still taking my breath away. As I'm about to walk down the marble steps to make my escape, Lila seems to appear from nowhere at the bottom, looking at me with no expression on her dead face. 'Where do you think you're going?' she asks slowly.

I don't answer, my voice caught in my throat. My legs seem to guide me away from her down into more hallways. Shadows cast by an eerie light loomed around me in the hallways, and in the distance I could hear whispers. They grew louder and closer. I looked around me frantically, wondering where it was coming from.

My breathing became uneven. I spun on my heel and broke out into a sprint, racing down the never ending hallway. It seems to go on forever, until I come to a door that led outside.

I could have cried with relief. Outside, its cold, but I don't care. My eyes find horses all tied up, eating lazily.

I pick a random horse, its coat ebony black. Glancing over my shoulder anxiously for the maids, or even worse, Hades, and make my way towards the animal.

The creature regards me with a lazy glance as I near it. Attentively, I run my hand across its coat, anticipating any rowdiness. By the horse only lets out a sigh.

Taking my chances, I climb aboard and grip the reins so tight my knuckles lose its colors. Going from what I see in the movies, I kick it with my heels. I wasn't expecting it to move so fast.

The horse took off with amazing speed, that when I went to scream, the air caught my throat. I lean forward and grip tighter, feeling the horse move beneath me smoothly. My body jolts up and down roughly and I clamp my teeth together, fearing that I'd bite off my tongue.

My hand grasped something; the horse's mane. It let out a loud neigh and screeched to a sudden halt, jumping up on its back legs. Not able to defy gravity, I fall violently and land on the hard fall, my whole body jarring in shock. A string of curse words flows out of my mouth.

The horse wastes no time in taking off in a frantic race. I stare at it helplessly as it disappears. I stand up cautiously, checking for any bruises or broken bones. It was then I took in my surroundings.

Buildings enclose around me, people bustling in streets. For a moment, hope flickers in my chest. Just for a moment, I thought I was back on the surface. Two things gave it away. One, it was dark since we were underground, and I couldn't see the moon or stars.

Two, the people in the streets were dead.

Ghosts loomed everywhere, high and below. I take a step and I feel one run through me, an arctic shiver going up my spine. My feet move for me and I wander aimlessly down the street. I walk past a young woman in white on a bench eating ice cream, beside her a small boy also eating ice cream. A couple further up the road ahead are holding hands. Some ghosts are in suits, glancing down at their watches frantically as they jog past me.

It looked like any other civilization, but of course, it wasn't.

'Your Highness!'

The voice is close and I jump, spinning around. A woman stood in awe, staring at my face. She would have been pretty while she was alive, but now it was hard to make out certain features since you could see right through here.

'Your back?'

I blink, realizing she was talking to me. 'Excuse me?'

She suddenly drops down to her knees at my feet, her head bowed down. Some ghosts look our way now, curious or bewildered.

'You back!' she repeated with more enthusiasm. 'It's been too long, Your Highness! King Hades was so lost without you!' she stood now and grabbed both of my hands in hers. 'Thank the gods!'

People were stopping now, some gathering around me in a circle, closing in. They were all smiling. I was speechless, my mouth closing and shutting.

'Is it really her?'

'It can't be, she has been gone for centuries.'


'It's Queen Persephone!'

I take a step backwards in alarm, going through another ghost. I let out a small gasp, and try to step away again, but I'm surrounded. My heart rate picks up and I feel my breathing turn shallow as my eyes dart around frantically for an escape.

A solid hand comes down on my shoulder. It doesn't go through me like I would have expected it. I glance behind me.

Hades is unusually close. His arm subtly moves over my shoulders and pulls me in protectively. He sticks out amazingly in the crowd of ghosts, his dark cape acting as a shield for me. He has a gentle smile on his face as he greets them. He glances down at me in the corner of his eye. I gulp, knowing I'm in trouble.

"I really can't take my eyes off you for a second, can I?'