Serena drove around the circular drive asking herself again what she had gotten herself into when she'd agreed to the plan.

She had left her apartment an hour ago after the final instructions had been slipped inside of her mailbox. All part of some silly assignment given out as part of sorority pledge week, the one that would test her worthiness as a future member of the order. All the challenges she had been issued so far, she had passed with flying colors. She had rappelled up the Carillon bell tower and transverse the steam tunnels that created a labyrinth underneath the campus.

Even camping out overnight in the cemetery, the final resting place for distinguished and tenured faculty for over 100 years hadn't fazed her. Not even when some frat guys showed up to scare them in ways that elicited more laughter than tears. No, Serena had decided on day one of pledge week that she could handle anything dished out to test her will. After all, in her 19 years she had never shrunk from anything, and had survived her parents' divorce and her constant relocation from being shuttled between two adults constantly trying to one up each other.

She looked for some place to park her car and decided a shady spot beneath an ancient Oak tree would do just fine. After doing that, she locked it and walked up to what looked like a stone building as old as the trees around it. But what looked intriguing proved to be a funky looking aqua colored door, made out of wood and metal but the color! Not what she would have chosen for her own décor but the designs etched into the wood intrigued her. She saw a handle and decided to give it a try, figuring it must be part of the test.

"Hey wait a minute there. What do you think you're doing?"

Serena turned around suddenly. Some young woman dressed only in black down to her knee high boots approached her, her face etched in disapproval.

Not what she expected but okay, she could handle whatever obstacles were thrust at her.

"I'm here for the challenge."

The woman eyed her carefully.

"Who are you?"

Serena blinked her eyes. She wondered the same thing about this woman, not recognizing her.

"I could ask the same question."

The woman pinched her lips and folded her arms.

"I'm the one who asks questions here," she said, "and who are you again?"

Serena bit back a tart response and nodded instead.

"I'm one of the pledges, Serena," she said, "I received instructions to come out here for the next challenge."

The woman's mouth curved into a smile.

"Ah yes, you're the first one which is both good and bad," she said, "You'll soon find out which when you go inside."

"What do you mean?"

The woman rubbed her sleek arms.

"As I said, you'll find out when you go inside," she said, "Show me a copy of the message and I'll open the door."

Serena dug around for it in her purse, easy enough and produced it to the woman.

"Okay, you have gained admittance," she said, "When you walk inside, you'll know what to do."

Serena furrowed her brow.

"No further instructions, no secret pledges or trivia questions?"

The woman shook her head with some amusement.

"Nothing like that," she said, "This challenge is different from the rest. It's the final one."

Serena nodded agreeably.

"Cool. Guess I better get started then," she said, "I have a study session later this afternoon."

The woman smiled.

"Oh it will take as long as it takes," she said, "It all depends on him."

That sounded cryptic to Serena but then she found this woman a bit strange.

"Whatever. I'll see you later."

The woman just nodded and moved away as Serena pulled on the handle and the door swung open.

She peeked inside but that told her nothing as it appeared shrouded in darkness. So she walked inside and saw halos of light ahead like lanterns that had been lit to show the way. Looking around her, she saw dimly outlined shapes of what looked like jagged rocks, rather than the smooth walls she expected.

Maybe she was still outside and hadn't gotten to the house.

But wait, ahead was what looked like a table etched out of stone. As she grew closer, she could see the finite details on it. She found what looked like a wine bottle and a crystal glass. The slip of paper told her to pour herself a glass and drink it, in calligraphic script.

What they thought she was crazy, what with all the warnings posted everywhere to only drink what could be trusted, not what was offered by strangers. But then again, the sorority sisters wouldn't ever hurt her or any pledge, even if they pushed the envelope a bit with the carillon tower challenge.

"Oh come on Serena, take one sip of the wine," a voice said, "It will make you feel wonderful."

She spun around quickly, where had that voice come from, had it been inside her head? The voice had been gentle if cajoling, and definitely masculine. Ahead of her she saw a set of double doors.

"Welcome Serena," the voice continued, "just walk through those doors and I'll be waiting."

Okay, definitely not inside her head but who was it, where was he and how…

"My name, how do you know it," she asked.

"Come inside and see me Serena for yourself but try the wine first."

She looked down at it and shrugged, pouring herself a glass and taking a sip. Delicious and pungent, she swallowed it down quickly, feeling a headiness rush through her body.

The doors opened and her eyes widened because she saw a dimly lit corridor, cloaked in warmth and humidity almost as if there was water nearby. She gingerly stepped through the doors and saw a lagoon surrounded by craggy rock and with water cascading down from a rocky surface all the way up. Around here there was warm sand that coated her feet soothing the aches out of them. She slipped off her shoes and the sand massaged her toes.

But where was the voice coming from?

She saw a shallow shelf near her, with a couple inches of water and then it grew deeper and simmered an aqua blue yet it seemed translucent and the faint scent of wild flowers wafted towards her.

Then she saw a man floating in the middle of the water, his dark hair slicked back and his eyes on her.

"Serena, come on in the water's perfect."

She looked at him warily.

"I'm perfectly fine here and who are you anyway? How do you know my name?"

A throaty laugh answered.

"I know all about you," he said, "Everything, including what you like."

Now that confused her, but this must be part of the test, right? She just had to stick to the plan and follow the instructions he gave her so she could pass this final assignment.

But the way he looked at her made her skin tingle, whether due to nerves she didn't know.

"I'm here to face the final challenge."

"You came here because I invited you. Now get in the water."

His voice was silky smooth and quiet but with an edge to it that hinted of danger. She saw him out there and she looked at the water lapping close to her. Something about it it didn't look right.

"Why, I'm not dressed for it and besides we swam in the fountain outside the library two challenges ago."

"Just come in the water," he continued, "It's very warm and inviting."

"Who are you," she said, "Are you a member of the frat, is that it?"

He just looked at her shaking his head.

"I'm the one who will help you pass this test, that's all you need to know."


"And you want to get in the water right now and come close to me to see what will happen when you already know."

Yeah, she had some idea what would happen with the way he looked at her and her body shivered in anticipation but she had to take a deep breath here and think about this and then she had to turn around and walk on out of here. She didn't know for sure but challenges involving sexual favors had to be frowned upon in the sorority rule book.

Turning her back on temptation and want and as she thought about it, her body quivered with feelings that bordered close to pleasure. Mostly hinting at what waited around the bend if she'd travel it but oh god, she couldn't. It went against everything she believed in and had been taught.
"You want to Serena and in a few minutes you'll really want to go join me."

She didn't doubt that but she had to ignore the ripples of tension moving through her and the way her pussy now began to throb and it came not from this moment but from a life of wanting what was in the lagoon. The moment she had walked into the lagoon she had felt his effect on her but it had only intensified.

And like that, she decided she wanted to go into the water.

"Take off your clothes…"

She sighed and reached behind her to unzip her dress, and then tugged it down her chest and over her hips before allowing it to fall in the sand. She felt his hunger all the way like a blast of heat that hit her from where he tread water. Apprehension nibbled at her but so did excitement.

"Take off all your clothes…"

She shook her head and wrapped her arms around herself but she began walking towards the water, step by step, her feet sinking in the soothing sands. She stepped gingerly in the water, and it gave beneath her foot, the right medium between hot and warm. Small bubbles massaged her foot and something about the water; it clung to her skin like silk even as she moved further into it. She waded and the slinky sensation of the water caressing her skin. It heightened her blood and produced sizzling jolts that shot pleasure through the parts of the body the water touched.

Out there the man waited patiently for her. She could feel his heartbeat inside her own chest, his warm breath on her cheeks. The water deepened to where it flowed against and around her thighs, ever so gently massaging them even as it nudged them apart so her stride loosened. Her inner thighs tingled and she felt the blood rush up to…oh god…her panties were damp even before they were soaked by the water. Her pussy underneath the silk tingled. She instinctively tried to squeeze her legs together but the currents beneath the surface of the lagoon wouldn't allow her. She was chest deep and her breasts hardened beneath her bra.

She stopped overwhelmed by the sensations that raged through her. She knew then this wasn't an ordinary lagoon filled with ordinary water. It was driving her crazy with elation and pleasure and behind it, what her parents would call lust. Oh she craved what she saw in front of her. She needed the man in front of her, the one she didn't even know.

He knew it and he smiled as she approached him and she saw that unlike her, he was already naked.

"I told you the water felt wonderful…I imagine it's doing all kinds of wonderful things to your body right now."

She threw her head back as a current struck her pussy and he watched as she writhed in the water.

"Come closer, I'll make sure you don't sink. This water can be very seductive but also very dangerous if you're alone in its depths."
She didn't doubt that because the sharp tangs of ecstasy distracted her focus of keeping her head up above the surface. The man moved towards her effortlessly and grabbed onto her. His arms felt warm and so alive, sending even more elation through her body and intensifying the craving within her.

"Oh god….I have to…"

"To fuck Serena if you don't, you'll drown…"

She looked around wildly, while he tried to bring her closer to him.

"I'm going to fuck you Serena but a few things first…"

He swept her up in a feverish kiss, highly charged. She felt as if she might die if she didn't fuck him if he didn't fill her up. She would sink beneath the current. He grabbed her with one strong arm while he ripped her bra off of her and her breasts bobbed in the water in front of him then she felt him pull her bikini underwear down . Her pussy became engorged from more intimate contact with the seductive waters.

"Oh god make it stop."

He kissed her on the mouth again and pulled her closer while they both tread water, and then raised her up above the water so he could position her better.

"Serena wrap your legs around me."

She did that and they kissed, while he kept them both afloat. His body felt hard against her softness. His erection bumped insistently against her engorged pussy. He worked his way to the shelf, kissing her the entire way, as she tightened her legs around him, crying out.
He pushed her up on the shelf so she lay on her back as water lapped over her skin, driving her nearly crazy with want. Then he lowered himself on her, her legs still wrapped around him tightly and they looked at each other face to face for a long moment.

"Fuck me...hard and fast…"

He kissed her mouth and flexed his powerful hips and thrust inside of her with his erection. Her pussy pulled him inside its tight warm channel and his cock rubbed inside it electrifying her. She writhed and clawed into his back as the waves lapped against and over their joined bodies. He rutted and threw his back up and growled as his cock moved in and out of her. She mewed each time he sunk as deep inside of her as he could go unable to help herself.

Then when a wave of water crashed over her, she came so violently that her body shook and she screamed his name. One second later, he shuddered and arched his back as he climaxed filling her with his semen which left a trail of orgasms in its wake, leaving her thoroughly sated beneath him, the surrounding water embracing her in a pool of pleasure.

"Oh god…."

It had taken quite a few minutes before she could even say those words. His chuckle filled her ears.

"I'm just a man."

She looked into his face then shook her head as they both remained on the shelf.

"Hardly, I never ever felt this way," she said, "How did you really know me?"

He smiled, slowly in a way that stirred her in places he had sated.

"That's for me to know and you to find out," he said, "when you do, you'll pass the test."

She thought about that and then nodded.

"So how exactly do I do that?"

But instead of answering her with words, he grabbed hold of her again in his embrace, his cock already growing hard against her belly and with a growl, he pulled her beneath the surface of the rapturous waters.

Her last thought, that she probably wasn't going to make it to her study session after all.