Author's Note: This is my second story. I was in a really good mood, and I remembered an experience my friend had, so I incorporated it into this. I hope you enjoy!

Rupture of Chance

by Music's Bittersweet Flow

I was working at McDonalds, and it was a Friday night. And though I'd like to question my mind and my self-disposition on what was so important about Fridays other than those fucked up parties and alcohol and sex, I just couldn't help but feel pathetic and disregard my qualms on wanting to have more depth than some archetypal guy obsessed on getting some on a Friday.

Damn it. Why was I working here again?

Whoa, dude. That sounded so contemptible. I was still in high school, for god's sake. I was working here, per se, but that didn't mean I was a worker here, if you catch my drift. Dear god, even I was confusing myself. And what the fuck was I doing traveling down that guilt-trip lane? I didn't intentionally think it was 'contemptible' for a person to work at McDonalds, it was an instinct, and I was still in high school – why would I work? But that doesn't necessarily mean that no one else did. And I just said that I was working. Fuck, whatever, you get what I'm saying. I was working on a project, but cramming was actually the right word, since the project was due tomorrow. On a freaking Saturday. I mean, what the fuck was up with that? But anyway, when I was even barely done with half of it, I needed to get away from that house and go to this damned place (I was hungry, it was killing two birds with one stone) because my fucking ex- best friend decided it was completely understandable and plausible that his party was held at my own house. At my fucking house. While it was a requisite for me to finish my project in order to get a B, at best. Damn him. I was so fucking pissed I forgot to bring my car; I just walked, wanting to sweat out my anger. Who fucking forgets their car?

But, even though I was seething, I have to admit that working here at this hour, sitting at a semi-relaxing chair nearest to the entranceway was quite alright; comfortable. I gained some sense of quiet that seemed to always evade my house because of all the restlessness everyone inside appeared to exert. The white-washed walls and the bright lights made my mind think; made me conceptualize enough to get some work done. This place was crisp and clean, and the chairs were lined up in such a way that it gave off the feeling that everything was in order. And right now, I needed that. I was even a bit thankful that those people behind the counter weren't even looking at me like, 'what in the world is a guy doing here with a laptop and a bunch of papers on a Friday?', and most of the customers here were just minding their own business, and not looking at anyone else. As a matter of fact, I'm only one of the few taking notice of what the other people were doing. Like, I can actually tell that the guy in blue near the corner was obviously smitten with the girl he was with (who was so obviously older, god, what a cougar) and that the group of people there who were maybe a bit older than me were having some sort of secret sharing, seeing as they had their heads so close to each other it was enough to share head lice, but whatever. Maybe I was just lucky that barely anyone was here and I caught this place at the right time, or maybe it was just my mind manipulating me and everything I was seeing to fit my circumstances, but whatever the hell it was, I wasn't about to complain. I wouldn't grumble about my situation even when the scent of my cheeseburger laying there unfinished on my table only served to remind me of the better cheeseburgers probably being served at my house right at this moment. I would not bemoan my current situation, no. I would not.

But, goddamn, if I'd just finished this just a bit earlier…

Oh, fuck. I see it now. Matthew, my ex-best friend (the motherfucker), did it all on purpose. Everything –calling me to inform me of his decision, not listening to any protest I made, and even hiring my favorite dessert caterers – was planned out for my demise, which was some sort of moral lesson or maybe even an epiphany. Some best friend he was. Yes, I did understand he was doing it for my sake and possibly my future, but he didn't need to go that far. And fuck if he wasn't enjoying it even a little bit, the sick sadist.

Deciding (what a surprise) to stop complaining for a bit and just get on with it, I was able to finish more of my project, and was a bit amazed that I only had less than a quarter of it left undone. I didn't want to lose my stride, but what the hell, my hands were hurting, and I was feeling a bit agitated. My head was full and I was seriously thinking that I was near the end of my thinking capacity. I needed a distraction, I needed art or whatever the hell it was that was unrelated to science and so I decided to stand up and go outside and maybe even go for a stroll.

Well, fuck me, because imagine my surprise when I realized that I didn't need to go anywhere for a distraction.

The entranceway burst open, and a group of four giggling teenagers (which included guys like me, for fuck's sake) paraded the place like it was their own before sitting down two tables near me. I watched them, amused and a little bit disgusted, as they continued to laugh and giggle and smile like everything was alright. I mean, here I was, doing a project on a Friday night, and they had the audacity to enjoy themselves? Well, whatever, I think I sounded like a self-centered prick there. And since I was still watching them, even while I was inwardly lamenting at my contemptuousness, I noticed that half of them were staring expectantly at the door, and the other half of them were smirking at me.

What the hell.

I was about to glare at them, seriously, when this sort of hush fell all over them, and the rest of them turned their heads toward the direction of the entranceway. Right. I was a bit pissed. First, they were smirking at me – smirking at me as if they knew me – and now they were ignoring me. Well, okay maybe not, seeing as some of them kept flicking their eyes back and forth at me and at something else I was currently not seeing. So, I turned to look in the direction they were all smiling at. And my breath caught.

What the fuck was she wearing?

Seriously, she was like a fairy in that stupid getup. No shit, idiot, she was wearing a freaking costume, which consisted of this white and blue silk dress that was draped on her, falling slightly above her knees, silver flats with feathers, and huge, fucking fairy wings. It would have been fine without the wings, just slightly weird, ah but what the hell, she decided to have wings.

What was this, a cosplay intervention? A costume party? Advanced Halloween? With only her as the participant?

So I was like, staring so weirdly at her – and I'm sure everyone else was – when she raised her head from what was most likely an embarrassed stupor, glanced around the room, gave a friendly glare to those teenagers I was pissed at, and then fixed her eyes upon me.

… But damn, even though she wasn't hot, fuck everything if she wasn't the prettiest girl I've ever seen.

I was vaguely aware of my jaw dropping wide, of some giggling girls, and of some sharp intakes of breaths as they, too, saw the girl. She was like this paragon of beauty or innocence or something, even with her hideous outfit. I didn't want to be like some pathetic bullshit that was a poet, but there was no other way to describe her. Seeing her right there, with her pure, golden blonde hair falling in soft waves above her waist, her creamy and rosy skin, and her wide eyes which seemed to be the color of violet, I was rendered speechless. Damn, if I was an artist, I'd have called her a masterpiece and be obsessed with trying to catch her beauty.

Then again, I wasn't an artist. And even though she was probably only a bit younger than me, which was perfectly fine, she wasn't my type, I couldn't do her or anything - I'd feel like I was a horrible person – and so I couldn't even be in some semblance of any relationship or friendship with her. Not knowing what else to do, like a normal high school boy I think, I just settled for glaring at her for a few seconds, before promptly returning to my work, or at least pretending to.

Yeah, that was stupid.

Faintly, I heard someone probably from the group two tables near me say, 'Why in the world did he glare at her? What a douche. '

Which was promptly followed by, 'Shh. It will only be more interesting.'

And then some laughter.

Since I wasn't stupid (I just tended to do stupid things like, I don't know, glaring), I pieced together the situation I was currently in. They were probably a group of friends and this was a dare, and I was lucky enough to be caught in it. And since there was no way they'd intentionally involve someone like me if they knew me, because I wasn't exactly friendly, I figured that they didn't, and it was plain coincidence, because maybe I was the only one with the Abercrombie shirt or brown hair or maybe I was the only one hot and handsome here or whatever. I didn't care.

So maybe I did care, a little bit. And maybe some part of me felt a little bit sorry for the girl in the fairy costume. Whatever. I needed to finish this fucking project, and I was aware that because of their dare, I wouldn't be able to. Not here, no. I wasn't going to stay here and wait for something to happen, for their dare to commence, for them to use and make fun of me. I wasn't a necessity. They should do their bullshit with someone else. The pretty girl should fulfill her dare with someone else; not someone who has to cram for his project. I needed to leave, so I began to organize my papers and bring my laptop back inside my bag.

She was already walking towards me when I stood up. I was just a person and I couldn't help it so I looked at her again, maybe to memorize her features and talk to Matthew about her, I didn't know, and even when her head was bowed and she was firmly looking at the ground, I knew she was surprised and maybe just a bit terrified. Before I could walk past her, however, a hand grabbed my arm from behind me, and made me turn around.

"Hey, just give her a chance," he said lightly.

"I'm sorry, but I don't have the time for this," I told him politely. I needed to, see, because his face was friendly and he was smiling cheekily and he was polite too. Which somewhat suited what he looked like, blonde and all. But if he was rude and like, 'Dude, fuck off and sit down and give her a chance,' I would've punched his face, without a doubt.

"Aww, come one, it won't take long," a brunette from their group said, which was swiftly agreed on by the others. I was about to tell them to fuck off, gently (which left me to question my sanity for a bit, because seriously, how can you be gentle about that), when I felt a feather-like touch upon my left arm. Go ahead and damn me, but I was completely sure it was her. I was expecting her to be a spitfire or something, which seemed so appropriate, because it didn't suit her appearance. The phrase 'don't judge a book by its cover' and all that. So it was like a surprise for me when I heard her say, with a voice so meek,

"We're sorry for being a nuisance, so please, go on ahead."

I was kind of shocked at her words, but also kind of not, at the same time. I abruptly turned to look at her and raised my eyebrows at her, only to see that she wasn't paying her full attention at me (if she ever did in the first place) and was instead looking at her friends with some sort of humor and triumph.

I didn't know what happened then. My brain was a mess, I was sure, and it was so stupid. I was so stupid. But my hand grabbed her arm gently, and led her to the seat in front of my previous one, before sitting down myself. I just looked at her and her only, ignoring everything else, surely ignoring the pleased words that came from her friends, and the not so pleased words from my head, and felt a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach as she stared at me in astonishment and a growing shyness.

Damn it all, but at that moment, I just wanted to be naïve.

"Go on, then," I said softly.

She brought her fidgeting hands on the table, perhaps for something to look at, because I just know she's trying hard to look at anything but me. "Uhm," she said, biting her bottom lip, "Hi."

What the fuck. I've never met someone so shy in my life.

"H-hey, see here? I… I'm an angel."

Okay, so my eyebrows shot so high up at that. Who, in their right mind, would say that? Seriously, she may look like an angel, but she wasn't. She was a damned fairy.

"You're a fairy." I told her. She raised her eyes up at me - and I suddenly realized that no, they weren't violet, but they were so deep a blue that you'd think they were if you weren't looking at a close distance – with this teary expression in them that expressed how she just couldn't believe that I have made it harder for her, whatever it was she was about to do. Frankly, I was amused.

"We couldn't find angel wings. I'm sorry," she said. I was kind of scared now, it looked like she was about to cry. Dear god, I wasn't that intimidating. And honestly speaking, I wasn't really ugly to look at. Fuck, I was pleasant to look at! I had this shade of brown hair and amber eyes that make girls go crazy, for fuck's sake. She was so damn shy, so damn terrified of me that I didn't know what to do. She wasn't like that when she was talking to her friends a little while ago, seriously (I was vaguely aware that this was a stupid thought, but aware nonetheless). And so what if they were her friends? I could be her damn friend so she wouldn't be so shy and terrified anymore. Fuck, I could even be so much more and she shouldn't be shy then, how would we BAM.

I did not like where this train of thought was taking me, so I had to stop there.

"Hey," I whispered, gently, might I add, "it's okay, I don't bite."

And that sentence did the trick. Although slightly. She seemed to relax, just a little bit, and let out a puff of air. She smiled at me then, a smile which leaked of uncertainty, but a smile nevertheless. With that smile, she was so breathtaking and… ah damn it, I couldn't help but smile back.

So then she looked me in the eyes with her big blue eyes that seemed to encompass everything of me and said, so seriously I almost believed her,

"I'm an angel and – and I was born into this world for the sole purpose of finding you."

Hot damn.

"Well, you found me." My voice came out as a whisper and, fuck, it sounded so sincere. I was losing it. I was seriously losing it.

I almost regretted what I said. I really, almost did and was about to take it back – though I seriously don't know how to take those words back without looking even more stupid, cause I just can't go 'haha, that was a joke, that was so funny, right?' – but then I was rewarded with a full blown, grateful smile.

She didn't need to smile at me like that. No one's ever smiled at me like that.

"What's your name?" she asked me.

"Christopher. Yours?" Apparently I could only give one-word sentences.

"Cayleigh." Even her name sounded sweet.

She stayed silent for a while. I could barely even speak. In my peripheral view I could see that some of her friends were just smiling at us, the others were now absorbed in their own conversation. I did not know what to do, did not know what to even say. I wanted to know if that was it, if that was the end of the dare, but I didn't want to know the answer. Something incredibly heavy was knocking at me, and I was so confused. But I know that I didn't want to leave, not now, not just yet. Oh, but god, I wanted to break my fingers.

"What's it like to be in your school?" Her voice was so faint I almost didn't hear it.

"It's really kind of fun in my school." So this is the 'I didn't know what happened' part two. Because I was just suddenly talking, blabbing about this nonsense. Maybe it was the nerves, maybe it was her eyes, maybe it was my stomach or maybe it was everything in between. "Like, really, really fun. You can go to parties every night. Most teachers won't mind, maybe 'cause they don't notice. But you know what? Sometimes that gets irritating, like, 'why don't you know what your second-children are doing?' Like, what if someone gets drunk on school grounds and they don't notice and he goes and dies on a car accident? That would so be their fault. Some teachers care though, they really do, but they've got their own lives. But the others? They hardly pay us any attention, hardly remind us of who we should be and what we should be doing, 'cause we're all just misguided individuals, so that's why I only just knew about this damn project that's still not finished because the teacher only just reminded us since the deadline was tomorrow, seeing as I was absent the day it was announced. I tried to ask him, I did, but then he said, 'go ask your fellow classmates.' But I didn't even know my fellow classmates, see. So I was just like, whatever. And now I'm stuck, and I'm tired and you know what?" I stopped, though it seemed as if I would go on forever. But something really stirred inside me when I stared at her face, rapt with attention, just listening. Like no other girl ever listened before.


"I'm really thankful for those 'don't care' teachers. Especially the teacher who told me, 'go ask your fellow classmates.' You know why?" I uttered the words, and I couldn't go back.

She had a really soft smile on her face. "Why?"

"Because if it weren't for them, you wouldn't have found me and your purpose as an angel would have been void."

She stopped smiling, but I just continued to look at her, piercing and gentle at the same time.

I didn't know if she was taking what I said seriously, heck I didn't even know if I was serious, or if I was just humoring her. Come to think about it, I didn't even want to know. Pathetic I know, but I was not so sure about what I'd find, and what the fuck, I was just working on my project and now this. Was there a voodoo doll of me out there?

Now, to get out of whatever this was, I smiled reassuringly at her, though I didn't know what I needed to reassure her about.

And, for the second time then, she smiled at me. She smiled a smile that was grateful again, but unfathomable at the same time. Her smile was so bright I thought my insides would flare up.

In the background I heard the scraping of chairs, and immediately I knew.

"Cay, let's go. It's done," they said, smiling at us. "Christopher, was it? Thank you very much for your time."

I nodded at them.

Cayleigh gracefully stood up from her chair and began to follow her friends who were now near the doors. She turned back, and looked at me then, as if painting everything within her vision in her mind. "It was nice meeting you," she said.

"It was nice meeting you, too," I said. She giggled softly, before catching up with her friends, who were already outside.

I stayed still and watched the door, watched as it closed behind her figure. That something that was knocking at me earlier began knocking again, this time louder, more forceful. It knocked me out of breath. I didn't believe in fate, didn't believe in anything much, didn't believe in a lot of people actually. But I couldn't stop myself from wanting to believe, couldn't really quell that desire to rely completely on something. My parents told me not to believe in anything so easily, not to give my trust so easily. When I was young, I never really understood that, but then just a few years ago I had to, because Matthew learned the hard way, and I learned with him. I was there with him, I've seen the shit he went through, seen how fucked up he was, which kind of made me fucked up to. But like I said before, I was a person, I was only human. And humans were so famous for repeating mistakes, over and over again. So, disregarding what was so long drilled into me, disregarding what my best friend told me that November night, disregarding everything actually except for that figure behind that glass door in my mind, I felt myself take a chance. I felt myself believe in something so abstract; believe that maybe tonight wasn't a coincidence at all. Maybe that girl – that girl who smiled at me like no one ever has – can be my friend, can be someone I could count on, like Matthew, except she's a girl. Or maybe she'd be my next girlfriend, maybe even my last. Maybe she'd hurt me in the end, or maybe make me happy for the rest of my life. Seriously, I didn't know. And it was that thought –that feeling of not knowing – that made me run outside the same doors she went through. I was prepared to catch up to her, without really anything to say.

Except she was gone.

But I was desperate, because damn it, I'd only just started taking a chance and believing, I was not about to let it go to waste. It was a lonely street, few cars drive at this road at this hour at night. And their car couldn't have gone far. So I ran to the middle of the road, and saw two cars going for opposite directions. Damn it.

I turned to the nearer car, not even knowing if it was her inside, but I didn't care. It was either she was there, or she was not. My legs pushed me further and further and, reaching the car in just a couple of seconds, I knocked on its tinted windows.

"Can I help you?" an old man asked with a smile.

"Fuck." I whispered. This wasn't their car; it was the other one, the silver BMW. I looked at where I last saw their car, and realized that it was now nowhere in sight. They already drove through the curve.

"Mister, are you needed anywhere really urgently?" I asked hurriedly.


"Then please help me, turn in the other direction and follow that silver BMW. I'm trying to… I need to – I was – "

"Get in." He said, and it seemed as if he understood every part of me.

We turned sharply, and drove off. When the BMW was now in our sight and I deemed that we were near enough, I thanked him and asked for him to drop me off. There were no questions as I slid out of his car and promptly began to run. With everything that I had, I ran to that silver BMW that seemed so far away. I continued to run my legs started to ache, and in the back of my mind I was berating myself that I should have waited until we were very near or that I should have brought my car. But it was no use, so I just focused all my attention into reaching that car.

I was able to run faster.

I was just centimeters away then. And with sweat all over my face I banged my hand on their window, and I felt that feeling. It flowed from somewhere within me to every part of my body, every vein that carried my blood as the car came to a stop.

Looking inside, I saw her, and only her. Her eyes were wide and blue. At that moment I didn't know what it was, but it was so pleasant and scorching, and it was incomprehensible, comforting, so painful and unfamiliar and just so warm.

It felt like my heart would just burst in two.


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