We're separated by wretched time, distance and latitude.

If I could reach out and touch you somehow now, I would.

Sometimes I really wish that I had a magic wand.

I would have waved it right now to make time stand.

And while the world would stay frozen you and I

Would be holding hands and flying through the sky

Talking and laughing, getting lost in the other's eye.

I'm fighting this longing for you, I'm trying my best.

To feel you here in my heart, I place a hand over my chest.

I'd count the seconds waiting for you every day.

Sometimes I'd recall every single word that you say.

The world stays frozen as I'm lost in thoughts,

Thinking only about you and missing you a lot,

The absence piercing through my heart like a gun-shot.

I can't spend a few hours without any word from you.

It makes me worry that my biggest fears are coming true.

If I could fly, I would have been there today.

Now all I can do is believe in God and pray.

I wish the world would stay frozen just so I knew

That there's nothing out there that's trying to harm you.

I want you safe and unharmed in everything that you do.

I've never felt a longing like this in my veins before.

I love you so much baby that I can't take this pain anymore.

I want to be selfish and have you all for myself.

Sorry I am crazy in love and it cannot be helped.

And I want the world to stay frozen just so you and I

Can clasp our hands tightly and fly through the sky

Talking and laughing, getting lost in the other's eye….